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    I really have not a lot to offer to most of your threads, half of the names I've never heard of but it's expanding my horizons and knowledge cause I then have to rush right off and see what fabulous women this little lady could be named after so that's fun
    Also I love how you get such detailed images and stories from names, I think you could write a whole book purely about the images you get from certain names & it's be a smash hit, I know I'd love it... whenever I see a new thread of yours I love seeing what new names they are or what awesome images you can conjure
    Ok enough of my gushing lol
    I picked the names from your list that I felt I could pronounce and that I liked personally, the others I just couldn't quite connect to:

    Halcyon/Halcyone - this name makes me think of cyclone but not in a bad way I mean I work in childcare so I know children are little cyclones but it's not always a bad thing, they might make messes but it's because they are busy learning and exploring and discovering and children are constantly moving and movement is growth and life and I think that's a positive thing, a good way to live life is always on the go, always learning, always keeping active and expanding your horizons... although this is probably a name with an entirely different origin story/myth attached to it but that was my opinion untouched by it's story, like a pure reaction to the name itself rather than relating the name to the character/figure it is related to if that makes sense

    Sylvana - I LOVE THIS NAME! I have never heard of it before but I adore the name Sylvia and this reminds me of Sylvia but with a cool sort of Eastern European/mysterious/exotic twist (in my mind anyway) plus the nn Sylvie which I find completely adorable still works. It's cool and quirky and I just really dig it

    Zephyrine - I adore this name too, it makes me think of wind and breezes, not nessecarily a winter wind but more just air and light and floating but still being somewhat grounded not totally airy fairy, plus I think of speed/fast movement which again I think is a positive like I rambled about with Halcyon(e)

    Also I saw mentioned:

    Phaedra - I think I have a new love I have always adored the name Faye but it seems short for me, maybe I like Faye because of Morgan(a) Le Fay and how it means fairy which I think is awesome but to me (& remember I'm a novice at this images for names thing) Phaedra is more of a wintery fairy than just Faye which is kind of flowers and springtime

    Demeter - I love the name though I think in this case I'm being influenced by the figure in mythology rather than a pure reaction to the name but that's not a bad thing. I always felt like her feelings/actions were brushed aside in the whole Persephone/Hades thing and that's her main story. I always feel like there's more to her and her story that has somehow got lost in the years. To me the name is strong and grounded and giving but again this might just be reacting to how I'd view the goddess Demeter and I'm not really well versed in Greek mythology (but looking to fix that) and be really off point

    I was wondering how you felt about the name Lavinia I'm not sure why but I feel like it sort of fits for you I get a very magical feeling when I think of this name and I always think of Circe and Hecate so maybe that's why
    I also thought of Signy/Signe which I think is a viking name that I think means victory and I really like it
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    Fro your list I like

    Calliope, Calypso and Calista
    or these but I don't think they are your style
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    With Hespera I like Rivendell, Zephyrine and Juno. I'd like to suggest Marisol and Delphine.

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    Belladonna is a pretty famous porn star - don't know if that puts you off or not but just thought you should know.
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