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    I'm really hoping Hypatia will make it onto your list! You suggested Chryseis on another forum, but I think it would make a lovely addition to your own list. I'm seriously crushing on it myself! I know you've considered the individual sisters' names, but have you considered Pleiades as a name? I think it fits well for your little winter-y star baby.

    These are my favorites from your possibilities:

    I love all of the LOTR names! Féomir is one of my favorites, as is Théoden. Do you mind me asking if there is any conflict over the Finnish influence on Tolkien's elvish? With Norwegian heritage, does it make them more familiar? * Sorry if this seems weird, I don't really know current relationships between countries in the area, but mostly the rivalries in the folklore I've read.

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    Vespera is so pretty! It has that touch of spice. But my favourites would have to be Sylvana, Juno & Elbereth. I am falling in love with Sylvana!

    I know you don't want names starting with G, and I know that Galileo is on your list already, but have you thought about Galilea?
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    I love, love Zephyrine and Juno. (although Juno and Aphrodite might be a little goddess-heavy?)

    Zephyrine Hespera Plum sounds pretty wintery-warm (like being curled up with some hot apple cider next to the fire on a snowy day) to me.
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    I obviously have a preference for Vespera as my daugther is Vesper, but I have to say that from your list Zephyrine really sticks out for me. Zephyr is one of my top names for either gender and I fear I've ruined it for myself since Vesper and Zephyr would rhyme too much! Anyway, Zephyrine is so lovely and has some really nickname possibilities.
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    Hi Ottilie! Making lists is a long fight, isn't it ? I understand you making some replacements.

    Juno is absolutely adorable with Aphrodite if you're not afraid of using two goddess' names in one sibset. Zephyrine is my second fav. I will vote for those two, definitely.
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