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    Zephyrine - fave


    Belladonna - Madonna's prettier sister?
    Elbereth - Clunky
    Melian - lacks pizzazz
    Orithyia - sounds like a disease
    Rivendell - better as a middle name
    Undómiel - see Rivendell
    Utopia - nice in theory not so good as a name
    Venatrix - sounds like an allergy medication
    Verdande - Reminds me of a dandy (eg. a gallant male with a flair for fashion)
    Verticordia - Misericordia's twin sister
    Vespertine - reminds me of aspirin. Vespera is more usable.
    Yavanna - Ya vanna? Yo vinnie!
    Zephyria - The French Zephyrine is much prettier!
    All the best,

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    Yeah, I already thought that Juventas is a bad idea. I personally favor Hebe, then I thought why not mention both all together, lol.

    Of course, Vespera is pretty (still slightly prefer Hespera, but Vespera is a very nice alternative)

    Some other suggestions:
    Vesta- Thought you'll still prefer Vespera, but this the Roman Hestia is lovely too.
    Erytheia- Still no?
    Hemera- not so starry since this is the goddess of daylight.
    Euphrosyne- One of the charites. Goddess of good cheer, joy, mirth, and merriment.
    Finvarra- too Irish?

    ps: no one ever called me Cy before you. I like it.
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    Okay, let's see... I'm not going to be practical. I'm just going to write what I see and have some fun.

    Belladonna- I'm trying to be objective, which is hard with names. I don't care for this, but I don't seem to like most Bel names. Belladonna feels so very gothic to me. I'm imagining a tall, slim girl, with layers of black lace. She carries around a briefcase full of poetry and wears a pair of battered old boots she bought at a thrift store that stink to high heaven, but she won't get rid of them. She roles her eyes at some of Dita's ideas, but at night they stay up late whispering and reading to each other.

    Elbereth- She's a bookish girl, for sure. She's quiet, an introvert. Most people don't realize what an incredible imagination she has because useless chatter isn't something she feels is necessary. She shares with those she's close to, and she's close to only a few. You'll find her curled up by the fireplace, lost in a book, or staring off into space with the book sitting beside her. She has some pretty radical viewpoints, and when she's older, she may even partake in some movements she feels strongly about, but it will always be from the side. She's not a follower or a leader, preferring total independence.

    Halcyon/Halcyone- Halcy is the epitome of joy. She's the sort of person that makes people feel better just by being around her. She has pink apple cheeks and eyes that sparkle. She laughs and dances and loves pink and purple. She charms and hugs and flutters about like a fairy. If there's a negative side to her, it's that she's never where she's supposed to be, always wandering away to talk to someone new or explore what's around the corner.

    Juno- Juno is smart. This girl has a future as a scientist of some sorts, possible something to do with astronomy. She almost gave you a heart attack when she was little by climbing out the window and pulling herself up on the roof so she could see the stars. There's no keeping her from doing anything she wants to do. She's not argumentative, she'll listen to what you have to say, and then calmly and logically counter that with her side of things until you nod your head, realizing that she's right and your wrong.

    Melian- The mother hen of the group. She's been organizing tea parties since she was two, sending out "invites" to her family and making sure there's food and drinks for all. If you're sad, Melian will be the first to comfort you. While the other girls all have grand plans for their future, Melian wants a home in the country with a house full of children and a yard of goats. Her life might not be the most exciting by her siblings' standards, but Melian is happy. There's not a bit of doubt in her. She knows what she needs to feel fulfilled, and simple as her dreams are, she's probably the happiest of the girls.

    Oops, I've got to go, we're off to get supplies for Halloween.
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    Otter! Boo on nixing Hespera! But.. many beauties still in the running.

    I was going to suggest Hypatia but it looks like Dantea beat me too it. I love this for you.

    Halcyone is still wonderful. I may prefer it to Alcyone.. not sure. And Zephyrine is divine.
    Hespera by a mile over Vespera and Vespertine imo. I do like the botanical meaning of vespertine. How about just plain Vesper? All vespertine names are a little churchy, but in a good way. Sylvaine or Sylvia/Silvia over Sylvana. The latter's too vampiric for me. Not sure why I just see fangs.

    Betzabel (Derived from Bathsheba, who was pretty cool. In lieu of poisonous Belladonna.)

    Sorry such a scattered little list. How to replace Hespera? Boggles the mind!

    Hope you've had a lovely Sunday. xo

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    Mischa; thank you! Your elimination list has valid points (Verticordia made me laugh!), and I'm glad to see Halcyone, Juno, Sylvana and Zephyrine on your list.

    Cy; you know, I just shorten everything to a syllable if I can. Glad you like it, if you didn't I'd stop! Vesta's quite lovely, but I prefer Hestia here. Erytheia is gorgeous, the only point against it would be that it begins with an E. I love Hemera but Husband thinks it sounds like something unfortunate . Euphrosyne is gorgeous and I do love the graces, but somehow it never quite makes it. I know it's beautiful and it reminds me of crashing waterfalls, but it always gets eliminated in the end. Finvarra- too Irish? No. Too manish? Yes. He was King of the Dead in Irish mythology/legends. Thanks for the suggestions, I will think about Erytheia.

    Fey; ooooh, these are so cute. I love Halcyone and Juno and Melian in particular. And Elbereth. Belladonna, I'm not usually fond of Bel names either. Dislike the Belle nickname, but Belladonna feels dangerous... I might have a fondness for this as Husband uses this name for me sometimes. I don't know, I just like it. I've always had a thing for Donna .

    Emma; yeah, Hespera just sounds like a very very very bad word in Norwegian. I asked my father (who's English!) about it, just casually "what do you think of Hespera?" and the first thing he said was hespetre which is like an especially rotten, bitter b*tch. I'm glad you like Zephyrine. Husband doesn't like Vesper, he thinks it's too masculine. Sylvaine, I do love this one. And Sylvia too. But Sylvana feels so utterly gothic and lacy and mystic to me. From your suggestions I love Cassia, Thessaly, Ferelith and Eirawen. Pele's too associated with the football player in this part of the world and Vetiver's gorgeous, but it's a band I listen to and Husband's perfume . My Sunday's been good, hope you had a good one too .
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