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    Vespera is very much the same sort of image to me. I also like Verpertine or Verperine. I might have made them up, idk :P

    My biggest suggestion to you is Hestia. She's very similar, has the same sort of images and is still Greek mythology and most of the combos you have with Hespera will still work with Hestia.

    From the rest of your list, I get the same sorts of image from these:

    Sylvana -- Sylvana is very much the winter version of Tinuviel to me. This is my favorite from this list.
    Verdande -- It's not quite the same to me. It's more end of winter, but still fairy lights and fire and snuggling and cold
    Vespertine -- OH I see we had the same thought here :P

    My own suggestions:

    Chione -- I keep bringing this up :P She's a goddess of snow and the repeating EE sound with Dita doesn't bother me here like it does in other names. Goddess of snow and daughter of Boreas (which seems appropriate considering your heritage). I know it's a C :P
    Eirlys -- I know you said no E, but this name means "snowflake" and it's so delicate and beautiful
    Chilali -- snow bird -- again, I'm breaking the rules
    Lumikki -- snow
    Daciana -- this is a wolf name, which I know you love, and it gives me nice images of snowy trees, white wolves, things like that. It's wilder than you want though
    Ursa -- This give me the same images you get
    Ursula -- this gives me winter at the beach
    Persephone -- :P You got rid of Proserpina but maybe you like Persephone? Her name has always made me think of the end of winter and beginning of Spring, the flowers pushing through the snow, the air still cold enough you need cocoa and fire. I'm being dangerous about breaking these rules today :P
    Zenobia -- This used to be on your list, but I think you should bring it back. I like Dita and Zia together and she's frosty
    Eponine -- another E I think you should consider
    Orithyia -- or-ith-ee-ah -- an Athenian princess abducted by Boreas and made the goddess of cold, gusty mountain winds. It's a rule breaker, I can't help myself!
    Nephele -- cloud and taken from the name of cloud nymphs. It makes me think of high winter clouds in gray skies. Like Chione, the ee doesn't bother me. I think what bothered me about Belphoebe with Dita was how many sounds they shared
    Phaedra -- she gives me similar images to Sylvana. A wintery form of Nuvi. It doesn't have the hard P like Pandora (Which I just typed as Pandroa). Maybe it's okay :P

    Ok, I broke the rules a bunch up there. If you'd like, I'll come back and give you some rule following suggestions.

    Some notables from your list:

    Halcyon -- I like it, but it's very bright and white to me. And I like Alcyone much better for your middles
    Orithyia -- I just noticed I added this to my list and didn't see it on yours
    Utopia -- This would be weird as a name
    Yavanna -- Very woodsy and Nuvi like
    Zephyrine -- She's very much like Morgana to me. Windy and fierce -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Gah, Vespera is so lovely! If you must let Hespera go, I think Vespera would serve as a nice replacement.

    I'm down with the nastiest cold, so my abilities to comprehend information are in shutdown and therefore, with the fear of sounding like an idiot, I must ask: are you looking for first names for Hespera as a middle or just names that go well with her (other middles)? I love Juno (currently in a state of gush over Juno Hespera), Sylvana and Zephyrine. I really like Elbereth and Undómiel as well, I just love them even more as middles (Undómiel in particular). I would love a *name* (*cough* Juno) Hespera Undómiel though, that would be so beautiful

    As for suggestions ... Zenobia? *taking a long shot* I know she's been on your list for some time and I couldn't help but suggesting her
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    I like Vespera.

    Bellona- like the Roman Goddess of war, no?
    Chione- I suggest this for Roo a year ago, I think Goddess of Snow will be perfect for your winter baby.
    Eirlys- I second this! A very snowy name
    Electra- I know you want to avoid E, but this is my favourite Pleiades, so..
    Lucina- epithet for Juno?
    Feronia- another Roman goddess (plebeians, freedmen, and liberality).
    Amarië- A names are prohibited, I know. But maybe as a middle? Lol.

    Sorry for the random list and for breaking your rules.
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    Some other suggestions i found :


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    Dramagirl; Eurydice's my "if I never have an Orpheus or Endymion" name, in other words saved for the last child with many if's. Hesperides has the same problem as Hespera. Nephele is lovely, and one I've considered in the past, I might revisit this one. Cybele is beautiful and Deirdre too. I actually really love Deirdre, will see if Husband will get on board with this one... Thank you!

    Sorceress; No G names! Gwenllian we took of because of Galileo - if I have a son this will be his name. I can't mess that up. Nimue... she's not snowy but I like her very much. Fiammetta we took off, again, doesn't feel right. Bradamante is lovely, I might need to revisit this one. The others just doesn't fit. Thanks so much!

    Belle; thank you! From your suggestions I like Hilaeira, but it sounds too close to hilarious. I do really love Demeter, so pretty.

    Meg; yay, I love Vespera too! It's a good name. Vespertine too, it's so chilling. If I use either of these I won't be concerned with Hespera of course, I'd still get the sound I'm after . Euterpe is lovely, I think this is the only muse name I haven't considered at some point. But it's lovely and I like her domain over flutes and lyric poetry. Thanks so much!

    Angel; Hestia is truly lovely, it's one of those names I go back and forth on, mainly because hest is the word for horse in Norwegian. My mother's language is going to be the end of me. I knew you'd like Sylvana . From your suggestions I love Chione, Daciana, Ursula (if I can convince the Husband), Demetria, Persephone (obviously, but this feels watery to me. Like diving into a frozen forest lake), Eponine, Nephele, Hypatia and Phaedra (but it's so sad!). Eh, you're probably right about Utopia. I was listening to Goldfrapp and it seemed like an excellent idea at the time. Thank you so much!

    Elja; Juno Hespera Undomiel would be gorgeous! I will run this one by Husband. I like Juno so much. Zenobia was our war, he favoured Cleo so no way he will give me Zenobia now. I will write it down though, just in case. I hope you'll get better soon, sweets, *hugs*.

    Cy; yay, you like Vespera! Lots of you do, how lovely for me. Bellona, Ostara, Thalassa, Electra, Juventas (love this, but we follow Italian football and one of the biggest clubs is Juventus ), Amarië (as a middle), and Gwyneira, but no G's because of Galileo. That's my most set rule. Thanks for all the suggestions, so many lovely ones!

    Belle, again; I like Berenike (Berenice, rather), Hathor, Hypatia, Xanthe and Xanthippe very much.
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