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    EEEEEK!! Ceridwen was my favorite for a February baby all along! I'm so glad to see it back! I was starting to feel like some of the names in your signature are getting away from your first loves and I was afraid that might cause you problems! Heehee. If having six names makes you happy, then go for it. I'll be happy with ONE, if we can ever find it.

    So of these finalists, I love Ceridwen and Tinuviel.

    Like Morgana & Vespertine.

    Meh on Sylvestra.

    Don't care for Briseis & Zennor.

    And also I'm sad that Zenobia is gone.

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    Yes! That's great! ^_^ I loved and still love Ceridwen for you. She's gorgeous and indeed snowy. I completely get the numbers thing. This is why I am desperately trying to find 10 combos for each of my boys because then it all divides evenly and my husband and I have equal say in the combos. It's hard to do on my own and people get bored helping me. :P

    So, my new order is:


    (I will be happy if you choose any of these three. They're stunning and perfect, Morgana slightly more than the other two. Morgana is first and Nuvi and Winnie are second. This next part starts with number 3)

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    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad Ceridwen is back!! I love her for you. Winnie and Roo, how adorable! Ceridwen is now top of my list for you, followed by Morgana, then Tinuviel, Sylvestra,Vespertine, with Zennor and Briseis tied for sixth place.
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    I'm beyond excited for you! Ceridwen is one of my very favorites and I desperately want someone to use it because I can't. Ceridwen is now my number one, followed by everything I said previously. Ceridwen, Morgana, Tinuviel and Briseis are my top 3. Yeah, Morgana and Tinuviel are sharing number 2 haha. I don't know why men do that, change there minds without admitting they've changed their minds I mean. That's like my mister and him suddenly saying 3 names are fine when he had just told me a few days prior to that he only wanted one middle name. Grrr!
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    I'm so thrilled everyone's excited about this addition!

    Emma; Sylvestra and Isabella Rossellini; I like that! She's one of the most beautiful and magnetic women ever to have walked this earth. Sylvestra's pure magic to my ears, so beautiful and powerful, very different from Sylvester (which I also like). Briseis and Bris, haha, I'll have to ask my father about this one. I don't think it'll be a problem though. My family's not very Jewish, we light candles and stuff, and eat the food.

    Rollo; yes, it's a very sweet name! Oh, a little Wren nn would be sweet as well.

    Sarah; yes, it's great to have an old love back. I'm excited to have new ones too though, new baby deserves new names. I'm sad Zenobia's gone too, but it was one of our nastiest naming battles. So I let her rest...

    Angel; there is something about a certain number... and I don't get tired of helping you, you need more I will give you more!! Will revisit and make more.

    Averella; Winnie and Roo is adorable!! Yay!!!!

    Thanks again everyone, you all rock, and now I have a top seven (a fairy tale number!!!!!). Time to close this craziness...
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