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    HUSBAND ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Haha, that is awesome. Ceridwen is definitely 100% amazing and February is wintery enough. Hooray for you.
    She goes second, sorry everyone else. Ahh she might even be first right now due to my excitement, I can barely decide. So pretty!! Yay yay yay. =]

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    Plot twist indeed!!! Super excited to see Winnie back on the list! How perfect for a February babe. Are you sticking with your Ceridwen Chione Solenne combo or searching for something new?

    I'll say it again, this is my favorite list yet And almost all of them would fit a little winter girl SO well.

    ETA: Oh my goodness, I just realized - Winnie and Roo! Now we need a Tigger and an Owl and a Rabbit and an Eeyore and a...Piglet without actually nicknaming a child Piglet. LOL.
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    Dina; thanks, I love the nn Winniw so much! I get that Ceridwen's not everyone's style, but I'm glad you still approve!

    Amy; yay, thanks!! He is being silly, artist husbands and all that. Whoa, she's in second place? Interesting...

    Sessh; I know, a bunch of little WtP characters hanging around my house. Especially if I'll use Robin as a middle for a boy!! Teehee!!! I asked him if he was fine with Ceridwen Chione Solenne, but he's not crazy about Solenne. Eh, we'll see. Maybe in a week or two... he was never crazy about Solenne though.

    I'm so glad you're excited with me, makes me happy!!!
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    I'm thrilled that Ceridwen is back on the list! So so beautiful and perfect for you. Winnie for the win! Aaaaaaahhh! I'm breathless with excitement.
    Sylvestra is also pretty amazing. Sylvana's not my taste, nor Sylvester.. Isn't it funny how sometimes feminizations of fusty old man names can sparkle and come alive? Sylvestra makes me think of Isabella Rosellini- smart, eccentric, dark-haired bombshell.
    Briseis reminds me of "bris." Not sure how Jewish your family is or if they'd also have that association.
    Zennor... Interesting. I could warm to it, as I love Lenore and the letter Z. At the moment it looks like a Martian name to me, and a bit like "Señor."
    But hooray for Ceridwen! And Sylvestra!

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    Ceridwen is beautiful I didn't know how to say it till I googled, but now that I know I think it is such a soft,sweet name full of potential.

    I would say that you could get nn's of Cara, Win/Winnie or even Wren!

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