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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    I need to replace a name on my list. After much back and forth and thoughts and conversations, we're letting Hespera go as a first name. I still very much want to use her as a middle, so I'm searching for a name that will work with Hespera (as none of the names I've already got works too well with her, in my opinion).

    Hespera's snow, stars, throws, fairy lights, fires, cinnamon, hot chocolate, harps and joy.

    I don't want names that begin with A, G, I, and T, and I'd like to avoid names beginning with C, E, M, O and P.

    Our girl is named A p h r o d i t e. Possible brother and sister names are Casimir, Endymion, Galileo, Oberon, Orpehus and Théoden; Callisto, Isis, Morgana, Pandora and Tinúviel.

    Thought number one is Vespera, this would obviously be instead of Hespera.

    This is my list:

    So which of these do you like, and do you have any suggestions for me (us)?

    ... and thanks for reading and keeping up with my craziness!!
    It's sad that your letting Hespera go as a first name...!!

    I think some of the names on this list are totally unusable (no offence) but I would not want to name my daughter Utopia! It's too OTT. I also feel Verticordia, Rivendell, Orithyia, and Undomiel are just too crazy if your leaving in an English-speaking country like USA, UK, or AUS for example. On a happier note I love Sylvana! I also like Belladonna, Halcyon, Juno, and Zephyria.

    My favourite is Sylvana

    : )

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    Loving this final six, Ottilie! Morgana and Tinuviel share my number one spot for favorites. I'm rooting for baby to be a Morgana or a Tinuviel. Morgana feels more dark and serious, Tinuviel fair like moonshine, and more lighthearted as well. I love Briseis and Isis. I think I like Briseis more, although Isis is also lovely. They feel very different, even if they do have similar sounds. Isis, like Morgana, feels dark and serious, although there's bits of silver in there, liquid silver. She's definitely got the power. Briseis, yeah, I can see ships and masts there. I mostly feel and hear the wind racing about, and it works out at sea just as well as anywhere else. Tree, mast or building, I can see Briseis climbing to the top of it all to feel the wind. Sylvestra and Vespertine feel similar. Similar sounds, but different enough to both deserve being on the list. They're both slinky, almost seductive, with that sinuous grace. Sylvestra feels more cat-like, a rumbling purr and a sleek cap of hair. Vespertine is more snake-like, a charmer, crowds seduced by her enchanting eyes. Zennor is one I've never encountered, I don't think. I like her. She's got fire in her, passion. When I say it, I can feel it coming from the heart, a little thump thump. Anyway, good names.
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    Zennor, I could get there. When I think of her, I don't think of mermaids. I think of craggy mountains, dark, deep ocean waters..sirens. I'm thinking of sirens rather than mermaids. >.< It has sort of a weird, echoey thing going for it. Zen is sweet, Zenny is cute, Nori...Zora! I can get there, it's just not as good or epic or sweet as the others. You could find better mermaid names :P

    You're going to get tired of me suggesting other things. :P These are also mermaids from folklore:

    Sirenia -- A type of mermaid. Also, Sirena is a name I'm using in my novel >.>
    Suvanna -- is the first half of Suvannamaccha (golden mermaid) who is a mermaid princess in Cambodian and Thai works.
    Maneli -- Persian. Means "mermaid" and "stay with me"
    And the sirens have their own names:

    Other Greek sea spirits:


    Other sea things in Greek myth:

    Eidothea -- prophetic sea nymph

    And any number of Oceanids and the like.

    But yes, even after all that, I could get behind Zennor, if I tried, and if you like it, that's what's important. I think she's make a cool middle name to contrast the other more frilly and soft names on your list. ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    My Top Three


    These don't have any pizzazz...

    Sylvestra - I prefer Sylvana.
    Vespertine - I just hear brand names like Aspirin or Listerine
    Zennor - too boyish with Aphrodite. I'm still loving Zenobia with Dita!
    All the best,

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    Tori; Thanks! We've changed Sylvana to Sylvestra, but it's on the list.

    Fey; thank you!! Yes, Briseis is very windy. I see her hair flapping around her face and lots of waves and sea spray. Glad you like all the names, especially Zennor as she's not gotten much love on here yet!!

    Angel; ooooh, Zora! Love that nn. I don't see a happy little mermaid, I see a dark slightly depressed underwater thing. I do love Leucosia, and Lysagora!!! Very pretty! Thelxiope is amazing, I do think someone will say no though. Zennor would get two amazing middle names for sure, lots of syllables and beauty!

    Mischa; thank you! Glad you like Briseis.
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