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    Oh, and our final six:

    Briseis (or Isis if he comes around, but I love both!)
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    Zennor and Briseis make my heart glad. Briseis is stunningly beautiful. I mean might replace Morgana in my heart gorgeous. She's blustery, bitterly cold, freeze your eyeballs but can't bring yourself to go inside windy wonderfulness. Oh I love this new addition!
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    Yeah Quennell - while not really what I would consider my style - really appealed to me as well. Llewellyn's is kind of brilliant and a brilliant place to find fabulous names.

    Really glad Morgana is still on your list. Phew! You had me worried there.
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    I think Briseis is an amazing name! Love it! Isis is gorgeous too, but something about Briseis takes my breath away.
    Sylvestra is gorgeous too! Love them

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    With all the changes on your girls list I'm thinking this baby is gonna have to be either Morgana or Tinuviel as they haven't left your list so you obviously love them most. End of search. But since your lists are so much fun to read through, comment on, and make combos from selfishly I'm kinda glad your search isn't over yet. Anyway, my thoughts on your newest additions.
    Briseis vs Isis - Isis! I've fallen in love with the idea of you having a little Isis and despite the length difference I think she compliments Dita perfectly. I see her as a carefree young girl, full of enthusiasm and always ready for what's next.
    Sylvestra - love, love, love! Dark green velvet or maybe navy blue with stars. A forest at night gorgeous, and perfect for you!
    Vespertine - personally I like Vespera better but Vespertine is pretty and very starry. She complements Dita well.
    Zennor - The only one I'm not crazy about, she's much less frilly? or something than your other girls. What's her story?
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