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    Dexter for a girl?

    I know that within this generation, the name Dexter will long be associated with the unconventionally appealing serial killer. My question, however, is whether or not the name could work for a girl? Would this help remove the name from the association?

    I can't help but think that the name could almost become unisex - a little girl called Dex would be too cute!

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    I don't see anything unisex about the name. Sorry. Even the nickname Dex screams boy to me.

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    I agree with Penguin. Dexter is definitely a boy's name. Nothing feminine about it at all. If you like Dex though, there are several similar sounding girl names, such as Lex and Bex.

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    I don't think you should give up on little Dex.
    I think it could work, I mean I NEVER saw Spencer coming and people find that name attractive for a girl so why not Dexter?

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    Diane Keaton has a daughter named Dexter, so it has been used for a girl's name before. I would just give her a very feminine middle name if you do use Dexter.
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