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    Your Hippie Child's Name! (Nephele's Anagrams)

    If you would like to know the name of your imaginary hippie child, here's what you need to do:

    1. Give me your favorite girl's name and/or boy's name -- one that you would choose for a child of your own. Just the first name -- no middle names, please!

    2. Give me the title of your favorite hippie song. (If you need help remembering a hippie song from the '60s, just Google "hippie songs" and you'll be sure to find plenty of lists.)

    Then I will anagram what you give me to reveal the name of your imaginary hippie child.

    And don't forget to get a hippie name for yourself! (Click link below)

    -- Nephele

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    I guess I'll start this off by hippifying Linda and Pam. I don't know what their favorite hippie songs might be, so I just picked a couple at random.

    Ladies, these names can be either for your imaginary hippie children, or for yourselves.

    Raini Francellia Diamond
    = Linda + "California Dreamin'"

    Luna Starla Artemis Peace
    = Pamela + "Alice's Restaurant"

    -- Nephele

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    Thought I'd try this.

    Name - Henry
    Song - Somebody to Love
    Henry Joseph. Eleanor Grace. Isaiah Theodore.
    Clementine Lily. Sebastian James. Makiya Jordan. Jethro Donovan.

    Molly Sophia. Elias Michael. Piper Mackenzie.
    Abraham Luke. Adelaide Rose. Maxton Reid. Meadow Renae.

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    harleym, your hippie son is named:

    Hondo Levee Stormyboy
    = Henry + Somebody to Love

    It's up to you to describe what you think this child's personality is like, his zodiac sign, etc.

    Heheh, I actually have a preference for doing hippie girl names. So, if you want to try for a hippie daughter, just give me your favorite girl's name.

    -- Nephele

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    - Abel
    - Kumbaya
    Mom to two precious boys (Silas & Obadiah) and expecting another.

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