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    How does Evan sound w/ these two sisters?

    We have two girls Mhairi and Fiona. I am loving the name Evan. My husband likes it too but it's the name of one of his best friends so he's worried it might seem weird. Do you think it's weird to give your child the same name as a close friend? I can't relate since none of my friends have names I like so I'm not sure if I'd feel weird doing it! Does Evan sound good w/ Mhairi and Fiona? I suggested Owen as well but he didn't like. And of these combos which sounds best:

    Evan James
    Evan Jack
    Evan Frederick

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    Love love love Evan. I like Evan Jack.
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    Thanks! I think Evan Jack is really cute too. Each of those middle names have family significance so any would work but I think Jack sounds kind of neat. A little more fun or something.
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    Evan works well with your daughters names. I wouldn't have a problem using the name of a close friend but if your husband does, I guess you need to keep looking. Have you considered Ian, Eamon, or Aaron.
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    I love Evan but it feels a bit too popular with Mhairi and Fiona. I like paw's suggestion of Eamon!

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