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    Question How can I use a name my brother has already taken?

    My brother and I always wanted to name our future sons after our grandfather, Harris. He now has a one-year-old son, Harris.

    I'm 20 weeks pregnant--won't find out the sex--and if we have a boy, my husband and I have considered naming our child after both of our grandfathers: Harrison Guthrie.

    This seems to confusing...when all the family is together, and we call the kids, "Hey Harris and Harrison, come over here..." Ugh.

    We talked about letting our family call him "Gus"--his grandpa guthrie's nickname (always known as "Grandpa Gus"). But then inevitably, everyone would call him Gus, and Gus is just not a name I'd have considered for my kid......though my husband might be happy with it, because he loved his grandpa so much.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    Why not use your grandfathers middle name as the first name. And use Guthrie as a middle.

    A bit of advice if you did use Harrison make sure he knows his name is Harrison. As your planning on calling him Gus. I new dome on who had a brother Tobias and one day he called it and looked at her like who the hell is that cause he's always been called Toby.

    I have the same problem me and my boyfriend love the name Harry but my boyfriends sister-in-law has a nephew called Harrison (who we see about 5 times a year), so it won't work.

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    Do you live close by? Enough that the kids will grow up close and see each other often? If you do... I would very much advise you not to do it. I have a older cousin whose name is almost exact the same as mine. But we live in a different town. We don't see each other often enough that it's a trouble.

    It's a bit sad that you can't use Harris, but well...

    Forgot to mention this, but both my cousin and sister - they're named after our grandmother. Let's say Charlotte is Grams' name. Then my cousin became Lotte - and my sister became Charlotte. The difference in that is that my cousin had the last letters - resulting in different first letter. (Plus we lived in different towns) It hasn't been annoying but then again, 'Lotte' is around ten years older than 'Charlotte'. A year between also one thing you have to take in case.
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    Why not reverse the names and go with Guthrie Harris? If you aren't sure about the nn Gus, call him Guthrie. Or use Harris Guthrie as two middle names and pick a first name you both love. Or consider your grandfathers surname if that might work as a name.

    I would definitely avoid duplicating the name with first cousins just a couple years apart. I also don't think Harrison is different enough to make it unique from Harris. And your son deserves is own name.. not just a variation of his cousins.
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    At the daycare where I work, we have a boy named Harrison. We call him him Harry. You might not like that nn, but its an alternative suggestion! I think what the other Berries have suggested are really good ideas!

    By the way, Harrison Guthrie or Guthrie Harrison is such an adorable name! Love it!
    Good luck!!

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