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    Copy of Name the babies

    I really love these name the babies games, so I'm making my own!

    Family 1:
    Audrey Ellen and Hank Alexander Peterson have been married for 6 years, when they are finally are stable and ready to have kids. They soon find out that Audrey has a condition that makes it hard for her to conceive, so they turn to in-vitro! 3 months after starting, they find out they are going to have triplets! All girls! Audrey wants the girls to have names that are cute and match while Alexander wants them to be completely different. Help them find a good inbetween point!


    Family 2:
    Tessa Luisa Diaz and Sean David O'Connell had just gotten engaged when they found out Tessa was pregnant! They decided to hold the wedding off until after the baby is born. They are expecting a baby boy on new years eve. They want his name to relate to the new year season. Sean also wants to honor his older brother, Brennan Matthew, who died in a car accident when he was 19.


    Family 3:
    Veronica Lynn and Joseph Samuel Haynes have been married for 2 years when they find out they are expecting! They are not finding out the gender until the baby is born, so you must come up with either two names, a boy and a girl, or one completely unisex names. They really like A, L, T, and R names for a boy and M, C, E, and H names for a girl. Unisex names can be any of the letters they like.

    DS? or DD?:

    Family 4:
    Emily Mae Lange-Smith and Spencer Marie Lange-Smith have been together for 5 years when they decide they are ready for kids. They were not sure if they wanted to adopt or do IV, so they tried both and decided that whichever happened first, they would go through with! Well, both happened! Emily is carrying their baby girl, and they are adopting a baby boy from a teen mother in their city. The girl will be named after their mothers, Melanie Dawn and Carolyn Patricia, and the boy will have ties to his birth moms italian heritage, and Emily and Spencers german heritage.


    Family 5:
    Emory Kendall and Harbor Luc Richter are expecting a baby boy. They want him to have a word name like his dad for a first name, and either a french or unisex name for his middle.


    Family 6:
    Paige Faithlyn and Rhys Nolan Clark are young, but ready to have kids. They are having a girl and want her to have an old-fashioned first name and a name from a starbaby for a middle!


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