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    How do you picture a little girl with this name?

    Hello! I am trying to decide if Prudence is an old lady name that's ready to come back in style. My husband and I love it, but our parents hate it and keep bringing up bullying. We also love the nickname Prue and don't think teasing will as bad as our parents think.

    I am curious how you might picture a girl, teen and woman named Prue? If multiple looks or personality occur to you, feel free to elaborate. I love reading 'berry responses! :-)

    I'm also open to middle name suggestions. Right now we are considering:
    Prudence Illyria Ann
    Prudence Delilah Eve
    Prudence Matilda ???

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    Love the name, it's definitely one of those "old lady" names that's ready to come back in style. I think I like the nn Pru even more. It should wear well with all ages in my opinion

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    I love Prudence! Prue is really cute as a nn. I imagine she would be very pretty, perhaps introverted, but nice, and smart.
    Out of your combinations, I think Prudence Matilda is great!

    I'm still in school, so I'm not pregnant or planning, I'm just a huge name nerd

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    I like the nickname Prue...but just don't like the sound of Prudence. I think its because of the "Prude" part. People use that word so negatively nowadays.

    At least if you use it, you can sing "Dear Prudence" to her which would be cute.

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    I picture Prudence exactly like the character from Charmed. Though I think the name is wearable on any girl and age.
    just a confused teenberry.
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