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    SBO isn't bad while SOB is definitely a deal-breaker. Why don't you select another monogram style that uses the first, middle, and then surname in that order?
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    You can easily have things monogrammed with SBO instead of SOB. Shepherd is an excellent choice, and I love maiden names as first/middle names.

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    I too am from the south and agree that monogram in will probably be an issue. I personally would have a problem with sOb, but as people have pointed out many times you can change the order or style.

    Particularly with a boy, going with a less ornate style and SBO would be an option I would consider. While it's not a traditional monogram it still serves the same purpose while avoiding initial issues and keeping the name you love. Btw Shepherd is adorable.

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    I agree w/ what others have said, just do SBO if you have to monogram. I've never had anything monogrammed in my life but I am from Eastern Canada so must be a cultural thing. Anyway, def keep his name if you love it b/c his actual initials are fine..SBO. And I love the name Shepherd, what a wonderful choice!!
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    Yes this maybe a problem. When I worked in a nursery nearly every kid had a monogrammed diaper bag/backpack, lunch box, pacifier, dress/shirt, sippy cup, blankie.....

    Although you can easily have things monogrammed yourself with SBO you'll also be getting gifts. When the name is announced, make sure to tell friends/family about your concerns and ask that any monogrammed gifts not use the traditional style

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