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    Just want some opinions - we love our name but wonder about monogram

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    After years of infertility my husband and I are thrilled to be matched with a birth mother and looking forward to a Christmas-time birth!

    Our favorite name (and loved by the birthmother as well) has these initials - S. B. O. (last name starts with O.) I was planning on doing a monogram in the nursery until I realized it would be sOb. I don't mind the word "sob" so much as the connotation of "S-O-B." Would this bother anyone else?

    I live in the south and monogramming is inevitable! I could always just do his initials in the SBO order instead of traditional last name in the middle.

    And in case anyone is interested the name is Shepherd. The B name is my maiden name.

    thanks for any opinions/advice!

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    You could just leave off the middle or last initial
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    I'd go with SBO

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    Most companies that monogram items have multiple styles you can choose from, including ones with the last initial larger in the middle or ones that are first middle last. I probably wouldn't do a whole monogrammed nursery with those initials, but if you're just getting monogrammed receiving blankets and such, it should be fine. The first middle last monograms seem to usually be done in a less ornate/simpler type face.
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    Congrats!!!!!! I live in the South & I've never had anything monogrammed. I agree that it is very popular, but I wouldn't say "inevitabe"...especially for a boy. Personally, I would rather change my nursery design than change a name three important people love.

    I agree that SOB is potentially problematic, but I would be more concerned if they were his initials. I think you'll find that monogramming is more avoidable than you think.

    Congrats, again. So happy for y'all!

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