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    Rhode Island

    Description Generation CAF



    64 years old, short, straight dark blonde hair, but it's almost completely grey now and bright blue eyes. He is a biology college professor at NC State. He was a football star when he attended Virginia Tech and grew up in Dallas, TX.


    62 years old, green eyes, curly long dark brown hair with a few white streaks from age. She is a neonatal nurse and she teaches the womens bible study at church. She loves to quilt and sew and various other crafts. She grew up in Detroit, MI.


    41 years old, long straight dark brown hair and green eyes. She has followed in her mother's footsteps as a neonatal nurse. She likes to hike and mountain bike... she is very active and enjoys watching her children play sports and participate in band, chorus & theatre.


    46 years old, buzzed jet black hair and green eyes. He is a military sergeant and brings his work home. He expects his house to be spotless and pristine, and the same goes for his kids! He loves to see his children succeed and really enjoys going hiking and mountain biking with his wife.


    19 years old, short jet black hair and green eyes. She is a freshmen at NC State (where he grandpa works) and she hopes to major in Elementary Education. She is a cheerleader during football season and is the star pitcher for the softball team. She loves to read and go shopping. She is currently dating a Senior at NC State who is getting a degree in Chemistry and Biology.


    17 years old, long curly jet black hair and green eyes. She is a senior in high school and is hoping to attend Clemson University to be a Nurse Practicioner. She is a major tomboy, she plays every sport imaginable and plays the drums in the marching band. She loves music, sports, and play video games with her younger brothers. She currently has a broken heart after breaking up with her first boyfriend.


    15 years old, both boys have buzzed jet black hair and green eyes. The first twin is an honor roll student and has had every lead role in the musicals at school since 7th grade. The second twin is more into sports, he plays basketball, football & baseball. Both twins are very into video games.


    12 years old, buzzed jet black hair and green eyes. He's been playing soccer since he was 4 and he likes to collect bugs. He likes to go camping and kayaking with his dad.


    7 years old, short curly jet black hair and green eyes. She is daddy's little princess, she loves pink and dressing up and can't get enough babydolls and babydoll clothes. She doesn't like to get dirty and she doesn't like bugs.


    5 years old, buzzed jet black hair and green eyes. He is into everything and his mommy gets a workout running after him everyday! He loves playing TBall and going fishing with his dad.


    2 years old, short jet black hair and green eyes. He is definately a momma's boy and follows her everywhere she goes. He likes for mommy and his big sisters to read him his favorite book, 'Goodnight Moon' ALL the time and he can't get enough 'Thomas the Tank'!



    39 years old, short straight dark blonde hair and green eyes. He is a middle school band teacher and is working to get his Master's in teaching. He isn't into sports as much as his twin is but he loves watching his boys play. He loves playing his trombone and listening to his wife sing.


    38 years old, curly strawberry blonde hair with green eyes. She is a high school chorus teacher and is also working to get her Master's in teaching. She met her hubby in college and adores watching him interact with their boys. She loves to sing and really enjoys leading the choir at church.


    16 years old, curly strawberry blonde hair with green eyes. He loves to play baseball and golf but he'd pick marching band over sports any day. He has been dating the drum major in band for 2 years. They have grown up together and have always done everything together.


    13 years old, straight strawberry blonde hair with green eyes. He likes to play soccer and tennis, but he's really into track and field. He loves school and wants to be a teacher like his parents when he grows up.


    7 years old, adopted from China. Straight jet black hair and dark brown eyes. He adores his daddy and wants to be just like him when he grows up. He likes to sing with his mommy at church and loves to follow his older brothers around.


    4 years old, adopted from Haiti. Curly black hair and dark brown eyes. He was just recently adopted (along with his baby brother) and is still getting to know his parents. He loves to listen to his new dad play the trombone and thinks his new mommy sounds like an angel when she sings. He wants to play soccer like his older brother.


    8 months old, adopted from Haiti. Black peach fuzz and dark brown eyes. He was recently adopted with his older brother and is crawling alllllll over the place. He is the apple of his mommy's eye and anytime his oldest brother walks in the room he just coos and coos.



    39 years old, short straight dark blonde hair and green eyes. He is a mail carrier in Charleston, SC where he met his wife. He loves to spend his days off at the beach and spending the evenings on the deck with his beautiful wife. He enjoys carpentry and being a handyman.... even though his work isn't always handy!


    32 years old, long dark black hair and dark brown eyes, she is Native American. She is a massage therapist and also enjoys spending her days off at the beach. She loves teaching her children about her heritage and giving her hubby personal massages!


    8 years old, all three have long dark black hair and dark brown eyes like their mommy. They are mommy and daddy's miracle babies! After 3 years of trying and trying IVF, they finally conceived these 3 beautiful little girls. The first daughgter is a major tomboy, she loves to get dirty and always manages to come home from school as dirty as possible. She loves legos and video games. The second daughter is just like her mother. She loves the beach and swimming and absolutely adores her daddy. The third daughter loves anything pink and purple, she loves to fix her Barbie's hair and doing mommy's nails.



    36 years old, short curly dark brown hair and blue eyes. She is a stay at home mom and is currently surviving her 3rd deployment with her airman. She loves being a mommy but hopes that this will be their last deployment. She and her children are staying with her parents until her hubby comes home and while she's awaiting the arrival of her first son!


    34 years old, buzzed white blonde hair and blue eyes. He is in the airforce and has been since he was 18. He is currently serving in Iraq and can't wait to get home to his wife and kids. He especially hopes to return before the arrival of his first son!


    8 years old, curly white blonde hair and blue eyes. She's missing her daddy like crazy and she wants to be an air"woman" when she grows up. She loves living with her Mimi & Papaw while daddy's gone, especially going fishing with Papaw.


    5 years old, curly white blonde hair and blue eyes. She loves animals and brings home every stray and injured animal she can find! She is starting kindergarten this year and is sooo excited to be in class with her best friend Olivia from preschool.


    2 years old, curly white blonde hair and blue eyes. She loves Dora the Explorer and the Wiggles and is singing ALL the time. She is mommy's little helper and likes to help Mimi bake cookies and cakes.

    expecting DS:

    due in 2 months, he kicks mommy like crazy!



    32 years old, long curly dark blonde hair and blue eyes. She is also a stay at home mom and is expecting a set of quadruplets. She is on bedrest so she's been working on a book she started before getting pregnant. She loves anything to do with musicals, theatre and arts... but mainly she just loves to write!


    34 years old, when his head isn' t shaved completely bald he has jet black hair and hazel eyes. He owns a bar in downtown Wilmington and loves spending time at his bar.... but he would much rather be pampering his VERY pregnant wife everyday. He can't wait for the arrival of his children!

    expecting ds/ds/ds/dd:

    scheduled c-section in 2 weeks!!

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    DH: Harold Michael Wilson, 64.
    DW: Victoria Marie Wilson (Harris), 62.

    DD1: Helena Catherine Sanchez (Wilson), 41.
    DH: Patrick Thomas Sanchez, 46.
    - DD: Emma Louise Sanchez, 19.
    - DD: Ashley Eleanor Sanchez, 17.
    - DS/DS: Brandon Alexander Sanchez & Vincent Marcus "Vinny" Sanchez, 15.
    - DS: Noah Cameron Sanchez, 12.
    - DD: Haley Annabel Sanchez, 7.
    - DS: Jasper Derek Sanchez, 5.
    - DS: Lucas Victor "Luke" Sanchez, 2.

    DS1: Nathan Edward "Nate" Wilson, 39.
    DW: Emily Alexandra Wilson (Di Stefano), 38.
    - DS: Matthew Derrick "Matt" Wilson, 16.
    - DS: Christopher Adam "Chris" Wilson, 13.
    - DS: (A) Eric William Wilson, 7.
    - DS: (A) Brennan Marius Wilson, 4.
    - DS: (A) Jackson George Wilson, 8 months.

    DS2: Leonardo John "Leo" Wilson, 39.
    DW: Hannah Kathleen Wilson (Wachowski), 32.
    - DD/DD/DD: Ella Jacqueline Wilson, Verona Rose Wilson, & Delaney Hope Wilson, 8.

    DD2: Gabrielle Joan Vary (Wilson), 36.
    DH: Joshua Camden Vary, 34.
    - DD: Sophia Belle Vary, 8.
    - DD: Cassandra Faith "Cass" Vary, 5.
    - DD: Francesca Leigh Vary, 2.
    - DS: Braiden Theodore Vary, EXP.

    DD3: Amelia Rosemary Hensley (Wilson), 32.
    DH: Samuel Alfred "Sam" Hensley, 34.
    - DS/DS/DS/DD: Cormac Joseph Hensley, Caiden Albert Hensley, Christian Leonard Hensley, & Calliope Anne Hensley, EXP.

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    LN: Spencer

    DH: Mark Howard Spencer [64]
    DW: Laura Margaret Spencer [62]

    DD: Amy Jo Hefner [41]
    DH: David Clark Hefner [46]

    DD: Ashley Marie Hefner [19]
    DD: Cassidy Elizabeth Hefner [17]
    DS/DS: Dustin William Hefner / Luke Andrew Hefner [15]
    DS: Maxwell Emmett Hefner "Max" [12]
    DD: Lily Rose Hefner [7]
    DS: Carson Tyler Hefner [5]
    DS: Charles Isaac Hefner "Charlie" [2]

    DS: Christopher Stephen Spencer "Chris" [39]
    DW: Elise Annette Spencer [38]

    DS: John Thomas Spencer "JT" [16]
    DS: Hayden Sean Spencer [13]
    DS: Liam Oliver Spencer [7]
    DS: Matthew Ryan Spencer [4]
    DS: Keegan Dane Spencer [8mo]

    DS: Joshua Wesley Spencer "Josh" [39]
    DW: Selena Eve Spencer [32]

    DD/DD/DD: Samantha Leigh Spencer "Sammy" / Leah Renee Spencer / McKenna Anne Spencer [8]

    DD: Jenna Louise Boyden
    DH: Jeffrey Ellis Boyden "Jeff"

    DD: Savanna Sue Boyden [8]
    DD: Alexandria Grace Boyden [5]
    DD: Gabriella Marie Boyden [2]
    DS: Aiden Paul Boyden [E]

    DD: Amanda Leanne Holcomb [32]
    DH: Zachary Robert Holcomb "Zach" [34]

    DS/DS/DS/DD: Joseph Daniel Holcomb / Peter Ezra Holcomb / Jacob Elijah Holcomb / Naomi Ruth Holcomb [E]

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    DH: Bernard Alexander de Chagny.
    DW: Rowena Catherine de Chagny (Barbezac).

    DD: Charlotte Elizabeth Giry (de Chagny).
    DH: Desmond Michael Giry.
    - DD: Maura Josephine Giry.
    - DD: Veronica Lynn Giry.
    - DS/DS: Eliot Daniel Giry & Max Thomas Giry.
    - DS: Oscar Benjamin Giry.
    - DD: Lauren Alice Giry.
    - DS: Devin Charles Giry.
    - DS: Logan Vincent Giry.


    DS: Andrew George de Chagny.
    DW: Perla Katherine de Chagny (Debienne).
    - DS: Jamieson Christopher de Chagny.
    - DS: Forrest Timothy de Chagny.
    - DS: Declan William de Chagny.
    - DS: Aidan Booker de Chagny.
    - DS: Jonnathan Thomas de Chagny.


    DS: Eric Stanley de Chagny.
    DW: Verona Faye de Chagny (Jammes).
    - DD/DD/DD: Dahlia Janet de Chagny, Rinna Alexis de Chagny, & Sebastia Hope de Chagny.


    DD: Miranda Isabelle Mercier (de Chagny).
    DH: James Paul Mercier.
    - DD: Alisha Grace Mercier.
    - DD: Edee Victoria Mercier.
    - DD: Adelice Rose Mercier.
    - DS: Nolan Finley Mercier.


    DD: Lilian Anne Valerius (de Chagny).
    DH: Edmund Francis Valerius.

    expecting ds/ds/ds/dd: Graham Victor Valerius, Luke Christian Valerius, Sebastian Ronald Valerius, & Alexandria Bay Valerius.

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    Dec 2014
    DH (64): Mark Curtis Gilmore
    DW (62): Catherine Lisa Gilmore

    DD1 (41): Rachel Stephanie Gilmore
    DS1 (39): Brian Travis Gilmore
    DS2 (39): Steven Joshua Gilmore
    DD2 (36): Casey Annalise Gilmore
    DD3 (32): Ashley Christina Gilmore

    DD1 (41): Rachel Stephanie Kerns
    DH (46): Justin Michael Kerns
    DD (19): Kaylee Marie Kerns
    DD (17): Jessica Renee Kerns
    DS/DS (15): Max Anthony Kerns and Noah Michael Kerns
    DS (12): Ethan Nicholas Kerns
    DD (7): Addison Alyssa Kerns
    DS (5): Spencer James Kerns
    DS (2): Brayden Robert Kerns

    DS1 (39): Brian Travis Gilmore
    DW (38): Rebecca Rose Gilmore
    DS (16): Nicholas Martin Gilmore
    DS (13): Peter Vincent Gilmore
    DS (7): Camden Tai Gilmore
    DS (4): Jackson Anel Gilmore
    DS (8m): Emmanuel Jonathan Gilmore

    DS2 (39): Steven Joshua Gilmore
    DW (32): Tandy Aiyana Gilmore
    DD/DD/DD (8): Ella Dakota Gilmore, Madison Imala Gilmore and Sophia Shawnee Gilmore

    DD2 (36): Casey Annalise Lutz
    DH (34): Ryan William Lutz
    DD (8): Savannah Taylor Lutz
    DD (5): Audrey Brielle Lutz
    DD (2): Riley Hannah Lutz
    DS (exp): Devin Jacob Lutz

    DD3 (32): Ashley Christina Fairbanks
    DH (34): David Luke Fairbanks
    DS/DS/DS/DD: Connor Benjamin Fairbanks, Ezra Zachary Fairbanks, Preston Joel Fairbanks and Brynn Cassandra Fairbanks
    Lauren, Teenberry
    Too many favorite names to list...

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