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    DW: Corellia Byrch
    Occupation: Apothecary
    Religion: None
    Renown: Locally known
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Black
    Family trait: Skilled warriors
    Sigil: Fox
    House colors: Green and red

    DH: John Thorne
    Occupation: Herbalist
    Religion: None
    Renown: Well-known
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Black
    Family trait: Skilled warriors
    Sigil: Boar
    House colors: Violet and yellow

    Number of children: 6

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    Mother's Info:

    Isolde Gwethana Farwynd
    Profession: Alchemist
    Religion: Mother Rhoyne
    House name renown: Well-known.
    Appearance: Red hair, curly hair with grey, 'wild-looking' eyes.
    The family is known for a magical bloodline. Isolde's mother in particular, was well-known for her mutterings into the wind. Farwynd's are said to have a distinct relationship with the wind and the sea, which makes sense, seeing as their house is located by a cliff, never shielded against the elements. The wind is always howling and air seems to rush through every crack and crevice, and yet they feel at home. They know well not to tamper with natural things.
    House Sigil: A Willow tree; since willow's are known to whisper to the winds.
    House colours are Yellow and Black.

    Father's Info:

    Lord Rowan Viserys Netley
    Profession: Knight (Lord)
    Religion: The Drowned God
    House name renown: Locally.
    Appearance: Dark brown, wavy hair that grazes the shoulders, and grey troubled eyes.
    The family is known for their appearance mostly. They all have dark brown, wavy hair (although some are born with stick-straight hair) and piercing grey eyes. They are always described as unsettling and clouded, sort of like a storm brewing, as if every member of the house is feeling a constant worry.
    House Sigil: Is a grey bear.
    House colours are Red and Violet.

    They have 9 children

    Stella Noël

    - - - - - - - -

    Elodie Cara Maeve, Ariana Bryony Rose, Isabella Avalon Riley,
    Rowena Caia, Elowen Fallon, Freya Cassia, Aria Juniper Lily, Ophelia Lyra

    Christopher "Kit" Liam Avery, Oliver Rowan, Ezra Auden James,
    Cedric Alexander, Remus Jasper, Fabian Elijah

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    danni Guest
    Lord Aemon Keath, is the head of the prestigious Keath family and ruler of its coastal lands. He proudly bears the Keath sigil, a black dolphin on a sea of blue, and continues to foster its legacy of honor. As a striking young man with wavy blonde hair and green eyes, Lord Keath had his choice of noblewomen for a wife. Instead, he fell in love with his third cousin whom he grew up with, Corellia Baratheon. They married on her 19th name day, creating friction with the ruling Lannister-Baratheon family on the Iron Throne.

    Corellia Baratheon, is the bastard daughter of the late King Robert (house extinct) and deceased Lady Talisa Keath (cousin of Lord Keath’s late father). Raised with honor in the Keath castle to worship the Drowned God, she is not permitted to wear the Baratheon House sigil (white stag on black field). Upon her 12th name day, she became Lady in Waiting to Lord Keath’s younger sister, Ellyn. She has the Baratheon black hair and electric blue eyes, but her mother’s kind face and willowy figure. She had resigned herself to a life of service to the Keath house until Lord Keath confessed his love and proposed to marry her when she turned 19.

    Lord and Lady Keath have 9 children who all have a claim to the Iron Throne through their grandfather, King Robert Baratheon.


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    Mother: Livatha Manning. The old Gods. Innkeeper. Exiled house. Wavy black hair. Bright green eyes. Family is known for the association of Bears, which is their house sigil. The house colours are blue and red.

    Father: Eddard Gaunt "Eddie". The old gods. Master of the horse. Well known house. Fiery red hair, brown eyes. The family is known for being very skilled in their profession. The house sigil is a horse. Indigo and white are the house colours.

    4 children.
    Boy combos: Spencer James, Levi Alexander, Zane Parker, Ace Sterling
    Boy randoms: Jonah, Ryder, William, Finn, Jude

    Girl combo: Audrey Vivienne
    Girl randoms: Noelle, Zara, Reagan, Mackenna, Ava, Darah, Adrianna, Lucienne

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    DW: Arys Longthorpe
    Occupation: Duke
    Religion: The Lord of the Skies
    Name Renown: Extremely well-known
    Hair Color: Short brown hair
    Eye Color: Grey, almond shaped eyes
    Family is known for: Being active in politcs
    House Sigil: A Griffin
    Colors: Green and black

    DW: Talisa Thorne
    Occupation: Apothecary owner
    Religion: Mother Rhoyne
    Name Renown: Extinct
    Hair Color: Long, wavy blonde hair
    Eye Color: Big grey eyes
    Family is known for: Keeping ravens as pets
    House Sigil: Thorne with white roses
    Colors: Violet and orange

    Nine children:
    DS: Merek Longthorpe - Short blonde hair, grey eyes
    DD: Corellia Longthorpe - Long straight brown hair, grey eyes
    DS: Cedric Longthorpe - Shoulder long wavy brown, grey eyes
    DS: Theron Longthorpe - Short brown hair, grey eyes
    DD: Teneniel Longthorpe - Long wavy brown hair, grey eyes
    DD: Ayala Longthorpe - Long wavy brown hair, grey eyes
    DD: Brienne Longthorpe - Long straight brown hair, grey eyes
    DS: Jorah Longthorpe - Short brown hair, grey eyes
    DD: Yviene Longthorpe - Long wavy blonde hair, grey eyes
    Favorites atm...
    Vendela Lise Ophelia-Leonore Hilda Elisabet-Athena Majken Linnea
    Elsa Majken Linnea-Penny Hilda Elisabet-Kira Lise Ophelia

    Viggo Sven Lennart-Elliot Per Mikael-Alvin Filip Walo
    Vincent Per Mikael-Tristan Sven Lennart-Caspian Filip Valentin

    Vote on my name lists!

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