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    Name the Baby - G3R3

    Kai Hugo Tomlinson and Marlowe Ariana Parker are fans of super out there names. They love weird, wacky unique names. They are expecting their second boy. However, Marlowe's grandmother, Ember Kaitlyn just died and she would like to honour her in the new son's name.
    DS: Pascoe Balthazar (minisia)
    DD: Kapriella Odette (hayitzsophia)

    Rowan Melissa Parker and Noah Douglas Reynolds are expecting a little boy. They've decided they are tired of names that end in o but they still like short word names. They would like the name to have some sort of nature connection since Echo and Rio do (Echo's happen in caves, and Rio has lots of nature).
    DD: Echo Elizabeth (shanade213)
    DS: Rio Drew (shanade213)

    Autumn Sage Watts and Leo Davis Tomlinson are expecting b/b/g triplets! They love long fanciful names with cool, quirky nicknames. Both names should start with different letters (Not L, A, K or G), however, the middles should both start with the same letter (not N or F). The letters rule is very important, do not break it!
    DS/DD: Livingston Nathaniel & Alexandra NatalieVing & Andra” (lifesaboutmusic)
    DD/DD: Katerina Fauna & Georgiana FloraRina & Gia” (shanade213)

    Madeline Noelle Hudson and Cobalt Josiah Shwartz their first little girl! They would like a confident, strong girl's name. It should not end with the letter a or the ee sound and should not have any cutesy nicknames. It should be just as uncommon (but not more or less) as the boys names.
    DS: Magnus Pierre (minisia)
    DS: Desmond Bruno (lifesaboutmusic)

    Evie Rosalind Reynolds and George Henry Hudson are expecting another little girl (they think it's twins but they're not sure yet)! They are adopting again, so the middle name must be chosen by the teen mom. This mom is named Allison Jane and wants her daughter(s) to carry on some form of her name (so put some form of Allison and/or Jane in the middle place) Once again, she should have a cutesy name like her big sisters and the name should be a somewhat common name. Suggest a name for if there is just 1 daughter, and then a second name for if there is a second!
    DD: Kaitlyn EvenieKit Kat” (allie1)
    DD: Madeleine Shae “Liney” (oboeplayer1)

    Olivia Piper Hudson and Theodore Felix Watts are expecting their third child to be a girl. She will be very quiet and shy and love reading. Her first name must start with the letter M, her middle name can start with the letters O or T.
    Dear child genius: Margaret Faye (oboeplayer1)
    Dear artistic son: Marcel Pablo (logicpuzzler)
    Dear reading daughter:
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