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  • Sadie

    6 8.00%
  • Grace (Gracie)

    9 12.00%
  • Eilidh

    11 14.67%
  • Nell (Nellie)

    9 12.00%
  • Bridget

    26 34.67%
  • Anneliese (Annie)

    14 18.67%
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    Fiona is my favorite girl's name and #1 on my current list for when I have a girl and I think Bridget is beautiful and goes well with the other names.
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    Love so many of these! Eilidh and Grace are my favorites, but I also love Annie (and Anneliese is lovely). I miss seeing Tess/Tessa here, too. I think Grace Eilidh would be a gorgeous combo, too, if you're into it. I can't seem to decide between Grace and Eilidh, so I couldn't vote, but I feel like Grace Eilidh would be the best of both worlds! And it's so pretty with Mhairi's and Fiona's names.

    Good luck!
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    Mischa, Bridie is my fav nickname. My great grandmother and great aunt were both Bridgets that went solely as Bridie. I think it's so cute.
    Our last name is actually 2 syllables. I don't find Bridget and the last name rhyme as the mott sound is dif than the 'it' sound in Bridget. But it still maybe is too close, not sure.
    Ash, Grace Eilidh is actually gorgeous..I never would've thought of that combo thanks! I love it. My 3 year old is obsessed with the name Grace this pregnancy. Last pregnancy she only wanted Eilidh. She'd probably be very happy if she got both ahah. Then again, it might be a boy this time anyway! I still love Tessa but I find it doesn't feel natural when I say it out loud..not sure why?! Maybe I'd just have to try some more to get used to it.

    Thanks so much, love all this feedback..lots of new ideas.
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    Roisin-gaelic for rose pronounce


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