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Thread: Description CAF

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    Description CAF

    SN: Hampton/Morgan/Isaac/Jones/Edwards

    DH: 35 year old doctor who is very intelligent, but still, in even in his ‘old age’ rather hot. He has females in hot flushes whenever in his presence but he is devoted to his equally as beautiful wife and 5 children. He owns his own surgery and is very well of in the financial department, hence their big mansion of a house.

    DW: 32 year old stay at home mum, with the same brains as her other half. She trained to be a lawyer at Harvard but when she fell pregnant with her first, she gave it all up. She loves their massive house and loves children.

    DS: 9 year old boy who is a hit with the girls. He has the charm and good looks from his father, but nice nature and kindness from his mother, and this is why he is irrasistible to any girl. His wavy blonde hair has event the girls in older years after him, and his glittery blue eyes can get him out of any tricky situation.

    DD/DD: 6 year old twins with the good looks of the rest of their family members. Twin 1 (the oldest) is more like her father while Twin 2 is much more like her mother. Twin 1 is identical to her sister, but her confidence and (sometimes) arrogance gets her further. Twin 2 is not brighter but does try harder in school, she is every bit as beautiful as her sister, but she is much less vain, and cannot see her own beauty. The girls support each other in everything, but Twin 2 does let her sister take all the glory for things, just out of niceness. Twin 1 is still a nice person though.

    DD: 3 year old with her mother's personality. She is very sweet and loves playing with her dolls and babies. She sees her little sister as her baby and loves her to bits, as well as idolising her older siblings.

    DD: 5 month old baby who spends most of her time in her blue Stokke Xplory. She is a little bundle of joy and has obviously gathered the great sense-of-humor from her parents. She is a little giggle-pot and loves her older sister to bits. This little bub is spoilt to death, and is usually known in the household as Bean.

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    LN: Edwards

    DH (35): Matthew "Matt" Alexander
    DW (32): Isabella "Issie" Marie

    DS (9): Oscar James
    DD/DD (6): Carrie Faye and Callie Maye
    DD (3): Evie Faith
    DD (5 mnths): Pippa "Bean" Grace

    Matt and Issie
    Oscar, Carrie, Callie, Evie and Bean
    Evie, Isabelle (Issie), Charlotte (Lottie), Sophie, Lillie, Madison (Maddie), Alice

    Charlie, George, Oliver, Oscar, Noah, Harvey, Finlay (Finn)

    Evie Rose, Noah James, Oscar Thomas, Charlotte "Lottie" Mia, Sophie Flora, Isabelle "Issie" Mae, Charlie Max

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    DH: 35 year old
    Timothy Steven James Edwards,

    DW: 32 year old.
    Dahlia Margaret Rose Edwards nee Morgan

    DS: 9 year old boy
    Alexander Leonard James Edwards "Alex"

    DD/DD: 6 year old twins

    Annabelle Darcey Rose Edwards and Arianna Dahlia Renee Edwards "Belle" & "Ari"

    DD: 3 year old
    Aaliyah Beatrice May Edwards "Lia"

    DD: 5 month old baby
    Amelia Margaret Summer Edwards "Ame"

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