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Thread: 2014 Babies

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    Avery Monroe looks like a girls name to me!
    Lachlann Duncan - i love both these names but they sound too alike to go together
    Owen Bender - Bender is set to be teased!
    Bennett Thomas, Tanner James, Greyson Neil and Jordan Alexander are nice

    Brandi Ray - I love it but I hate it!
    Ruby Anne - Actually like the popular Ruby with soft little Anne
    Scarlet Harper - Waaay too trendy
    Harper Rose - a bit like Ruby Ann
    Madison Olivia - Love this
    Rylynn Kay, Jayci Anne, Skylar Elizabeth, Presley June, Hadley Nicole, Emersyn Lynn
    Amayla Viol, Hanley Elizabeth, Brinley Mckennaa - where do people get these names from?
    Piper Ray - cute

    Some extremely trendy names there! I live in the UK and I swear names like that never pop up! I love how they look written down and there are definitely some GPs there but I would never use them on a child! (except maybe Hadley!)
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    Clara, Everly, Violet, Imogen, Athena, Charlotte, Eliza, Sadie, Cora, Adalyn, Kinsley, Emerson, Annalise, Zara

    Finnegan, Nolan, Lester, Elwood, Grayson, Atlas, Reid, Everett, Harrison, Tobin, Judson, Lincoln, Wilder, Beckford

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    Hello fellow Michigander!

    I love the nod to Anishinaabe/Ojibwe that Memengwaan obviously is. When I went to CMU I taught a girl named Miigwaans, which means butterfly in Ojibwe.
    Blaise --- 26 years old --- no plans for kids anytime soon!

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    Mary Lucienne / Esther Mirabelle / Camellia Edie / Raphaela Mercy / Anouk Evangeline / Francesca Seraphim / Josephine Dove / Ida Annabelle / Shalom Odelia / Bethlehem Dominica / Lydia Tibeldie / Susanna Daisy / Jane Bloom / Willa Jessamine
    Amias Gardener / Moses Bellamy / Caspian Matthias / George Pello / Bertie Psalm / Quiller Andrew / Ezekiel Callahan / Nathaniel Charles

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    I like:
    Oliver Michael*
    Graham Robert
    Owen Michael*
    Julian* Michael*
    Isaac James
    Owen Daniel
    Greyson Neil

    Ruby* Anne*
    Madeline Sue
    Hope Olivia*

    Favourites are bolded, and names with * are on my list.
    Laura Emilia

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