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    I would love some help! We have one son, Eli Michael, and, ideally, would love to have one more boy and girl. For a boy we love the name Ezra and are considering Cole, Caleb and Samuel as middle names. What are your thoughts on these? Any other mn suggestions? For a girl's name, we like Leah, Abigail and Eve. I also loooove the names Elisha and Eliana, but worry that they are too close to Eli. What do you think? And could you recommend other names tht might work? Finally, do you have any suggestions for mn? In general, I'm drawn to Old Testament names, but am open to suggestions. Our last name is three syllables and starts with H.
    I'd love to hear your thoughts!!


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    Ezra-Nice. Howdo you feel about matching initials?
    Cole-Nothing special
    Caleb-Nice and fits with Eli
    Samuel-This might feel quite popular with Eli. Samson?
    Leah-Nice but have you checked out the meaning? [it varies from site to site but there are some like wild cow, tired and weary] It is also not the best flow with Eli.
    Eve-Still nice. I am not a fan because of the Eve in the Bible but would be nice in the middle.
    With your names, I would be careful that you don’t get stuck down a one initial hole. If you name your next child Ezra, would you be inclined to go for yet another E names for a third? Eli, Ezra and Eve are nice but not as nice as Eli, Samson and Abigail, for example. Ruth and Eli would be darling. Eliana would be nice in the middle [Alana maybe?]. It is a nice link to her brother. Some random combos:

    Ruth Eliana
    Abigail Eve
    Eve Alana
    Abigail Jemimah
    Samson Cole
    Samuel Caleb
    Ezra Cole

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    Can I have some opinions and suggestions on:
    Isobel Jamesie Rose: Isobel is my grandma's name and my nana was Jamesie (James-ee) and it isn't short for Jamesina
    Matilda Anne Elizabeth: My middle name, my mums middle name, grandma's middle is Anne and my great grandma is Annie and both my grandma and mum have forms of Elizabeth as names (Elspeth and Isobel)
    Eloise Buttercup Grace: It was originally May but my great grandma is Grace and Buttercup is after my mums favourite movie and Eloise sounds like a cross between my mums Elspeth and my sisters middle name Louise.
    Alice Demeter Grace: Demeter is a goddess of Agriculture and I'm from a farming family and Grace is my great grandma's name the only one I've met.
    Eleanor Hadley Louise: Louise is my sisters middle name
    Eamon James Harold: James is my dads and brothers middle name but I need to replace it with maybe Jack or another form and Harold is my pops name
    Tiago Bryan Isaac: Bryan is my grandfathers name and Isaac is my brothers name. And yes my granddads name is Bryan with a Y
    Cooper Tobias Lawson: Lawson is for Henry Lawson an Australian bush poet
    Jack Alexander Banjo: After the poet Banjo Patterson
    Jago Oscar John: Jago is my pops middle name
    I'm considering using my current surname (which in future if I ever marry will be my maiden name) which is Smith but I'm not sure how that feels or using Eilidh somewhere being scottish.
    Other honouring ideas maybe using forms of: James, Harold, Elizabeth and Anne?
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    Thanks for doing this! I've been trying to come up with combos for the names in my sig. I'd love to be able to add some litterary or mythological names is that's possible (my favorite books are les Misérables, Pride and Prejudice, Anne of Green Gables and A Song of Ice and Fire and I really love Greek mythology)

    Alice, Amélie, Audrey, Cosima, Eleanor, Isadora, Lucie, Lydia, Ophelia, Rose, Scarlett, Stella
    Alistair, Arthur, Casper, Charles, Marius, Nicolas, Oscar, Perceval, Theodore, Victor, Vincent, Xavier

    GPs: Aoife, Artemis, Arwen, Guinevere, Hecate, Iphigenia, Musichetta, Nyx, Olive, Philomena, Wendy, Xanthe, Zenobia / Cecil, Chester, Crispin, Hamish, Lucius, Lysander, Magnus, Seamus

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    Isobel Jamesie Rose: Dislike Jamesie. I would suggest a variant but it’s a family name. Even though she wasn’t a Jamesina, you still could use that to honour her. Saying that-Isobel Rose needs something to break up the oh and s sounds.
    Matilda Anne Elizabeth: Lovely. I would swap Anne and Elizabeth round to perfect the flow as the end of Matilda and beginning of Anne seem to merge.
    Eloise Buttercup Grace: Lovely. Again you need Buttercup to break up similar sounds in Eloise and Grace.
    Alice Demeter Grace: See above.
    Eleanor Hadley Louise: Lots of repetition of the l sound but that’s OK if you like it.
    Eamon James Harold: LOVE Eamon! Wouldn’t use James next though.
    Tiago Bryan Isaac: Not a good combo really. Flow or choice of names.
    Cooper Tobias Lawson: Nice names. Weird flow.
    Jack Alexander Banjo: See above.
    Jago Oscar John: See above

    With your girls, most of the names are beautiful there is just a few that need changing round for flow. I am intrigued to find out about Rose and Grace. Do you have a particular liking for these names or are they just convenient fillers? You may like to check this list

    With your boys, you need to check the flow of your names. A few ideas:
    Eamon Alexander John
    Oscar James Banjo
    Tobias Lawson James
    Cooper Tiago John

    Variants of:

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