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    Wink Which of these or other suggestions?

    Hi! We are expecting our 6th child and our second daughter.

    We are looking for a different/uncommon (some people call them "weird") names.

    To this point there are only a few combinations we like:

    Shelby Ellis
    Dallas Nicole
    Clair Alexandria
    Bryce Victoria

    Which one do you like best?

    Or do you have any other suggestions for names you think we might like?

    Our older children are named:
    Embry Santos, Julius "Jules" Gabriel, Beck Evander &*Sam Alexander (twins) and Haidyn Irina.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Xxx Dani Torres

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    I think Shelby fits your style well for girl names, and Shelby Ellis is cute. Shelby Nicole would be cute too, tho Nicole makes it feel more dated.

    I'm not a fan of Dallas or Bryce for a girl. I like Claire but would like Blair Alexandria and Claire or Blair Victoria more than current combos. Blair Alexandria is my favorite.

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    Although these are nms, I agree that Shelby and Blair/Blaire fit best with your sibset.

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    Shelby or Bryce would be my choice. Wonderful Sib set!

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    I like the suggestion of Blair it's less common than Claire and has a more unisex feel. Shelby is nice too. I don't care for Bryce or Dallas on girls.

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