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Thread: Opinions?

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    There are a few names I'm on the fence about, and I'm not sure if I should veto them or keep them on my list. I'd love some input!

    Lavinia (la-VEEN-ee-ah)
    Eugenie (you-JEN-ee)
    Ada (AY-da)
    Rowena (Ro-WHEN-ah)

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    Lavinia (la-VEEN-ee-ah) - Lovely Shakesperian name, but not a lot of 'cute' nn potential
    Drusilla - This name is a bit too "witchy" for me
    Frances - Not a fan
    Leonora - Love!
    Narcissa - I can't get past Draco Malfoy's mum (Harry Potter)
    Zenobia - its pretty, but doesn't feel to wearable. Also Zenophobia springs to mind
    Cosima - Not a fan
    Cecily - Not a fan
    Primrose - Like, and Prim and Rose are lovely nn's
    Philippa - Like, but Kate Middleton's sister, of the same name, has ruined the name for me
    Willa - Love!
    Mary - Not a fan
    Maude - Not a fan
    Penelope - Love!
    Eugenie (you-JEN-ee) - Not a fan
    Honor/Honora/Honoria - I like Honor, but not a fan of Honoria
    Ada (AY-da) - On the fence =/
    Dulcina - Not a fan
    Isabeau - Not a fan
    Rowena (Ro-WHEN-ah)- Not a fan

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    Lavinia (la-VEEN-ee-ah)- pretty name. emphasis on the second syllable might make it a little tough for a little girl though.
    Drusilla- really not a fan. I associate this name with the evil stepsister in Cinderella. Also, it just doesn't sound pretty to me.
    Frances- kind of like Agnes to me, in that it's one of those old names that *could* work, but the child has to work it (if that makes sense).
    Narcissa- think it's really pretty but not a fan of the association with Narcissus
    Zenobia- makes me think of xenophobia
    Cosima- love this. It's slightly exotic and romantic.
    Cecily- love.
    Primrose- makes me think of Hunger Games. It's pretty though.
    Philippa- not a huge fan of the name, but I adore the nn Pippa.
    Willa- cute
    Mary- classic. can't go wrong.
    Maude- see Frances. Maude Apatow is an example of a kid who really wears her name instead of letting it wear her.
    Penelope- pretty, but it makes me think of Kardashians
    Eugenie (you-JEN-ee)- cute
    Honor/Honora/Honoria- makes me think of Jessica Alba (her daughter is named Honor). I like Honora.
    Ada (AY-da)- lovely
    Dulcina- not my favorite
    Isabeau- nms
    Rowena- love it.

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    Lavinia - Nice, but doesn't really speak to me.
    Drusilla - Forever the ugly stepsister in Cinderella.
    Frances - One of those icky old-lady names that's just never quite grown on me.
    Leonora - Distinguished and elegant; she's artistic and refined.
    Narcissa - A little too attached to Harry Potter to me (Narcissa Malfoy is the mum of a major character). Plus, it's awfully close to the word narcissistic.
    Zenobia - Makes me think of the country Zanzibar.
    Cosima - Makes me think of the Italian royal Cosimo de Medici.
    Cecily - Gorgeous, along with the lovely, delicate family of Cicely, Cecilia and Celia.
    Primrose - Lovely, but perhaps too far attached to the Hunger Games series (Primrose "Prim" Everdeen is the protagonist's sister.)
    Philippa - I adore nicknames Pippa and Pippi. A proper English schoolgirl.
    Willa - Nice, but not special.
    Mary - Prim and proper.
    Maude - Along with Frances, another one I've never been able to see on a younger girl. Though Maude Apatow has changed this slightly.
    Penelope - Again, love Pippi as a nickname. But not my favorite.
    Eugenie (you-JEN-ee) - Meh. I just hear genie and think of magic lamps.
    Honor/Honora/Honoria - Honor seems a little harsh on a little girl. Honora is a little better, with possible nn Nora, but still.
    Ada (AY-da) - Nice. A little bland.
    Dulcina - Overly frilly, to me. Dulce means sweet, compared with the frilly -ina ending, it's overkill. Dulce or another -ina name would suffice.
    Isabeau - Nice. I prefer Isadora.
    Rowena (Ro-WHEN-ah) - Pretty.
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    Lavinia (la-VEEN-ee-ah) -- I absolutely adore Lavinia with all of my heart, but I'm afraid that I personally can't get behind it pronounced this way. It just sounds awkward to me, and I much prefer it as lə-VIN-ee-ə.
    Drusilla -- I really like Drusilla. I just think it's pretty and, if you will, smoky. I like the 'silla' a lot, and I love the nn potential of Dru.
    Frances -- Nice and classic, although I think I prefer Francis on a boy. I also prefer other, somewhat similar F names: Flora, Florence, Florentine/Florentina, Flavia/Flavie, etc.
    Leonora -- I really do enjoy this, but I have to ask: how are you pronouncing it personally? I've seen both lin-o-ra and leo-no-ra. Either way it's very pretty, but I much prefer leo-no-ra.
    Narcissa -- This has been a personal favorite for a long, long time! I just think it's stunning. I suppose one would have to worry about the connection with narcissism, but I just think it's a lovely name. I also enjoy Narcisse, the French variation which is both masculine and feminine. Narssica is an all-time favorite, hands down.
    Zenobia -- So pretty. The look and feel of it - outrageously beautiful. It feels noble, strong and feminine.
    Cosima -- Another personal favorite. I just love the way it sounds, and I love the closeness in appearance to cosmic. It's enchanting, magical, and feels daring without being way too out there.
    Cecily -- I love Cecily. I like the way it sounds, and for some reason I find the spelling particularly beautiful. I love the nn Ceci, and I think it's girlish but without being overtly childish. It sounds sophisticated, but not in a pretentious or stuffy manner.
    Primrose -- I love Primrose. Although I imagine that some people might find it over the top, I love it wholly and I just can't give up on it. I'd absolutely love to meet a little Primrose. I love the simplicity of just having the nns Rose or Rosa, but Prim is my favorite nn.
    Philippa -- I like Philippa, but I don't know that I'm in love with it, you know? Like, it's an undoubtedly beautiful and classic name, but for some reason I just can't particularly get behind it. I do think that I could get behind it on somebody else's kid, but for me personally, it's a no. I love Pippa but for some reason I just don't like Philippa all that much.
    Willa -- I really like Willa. I adore Willow, too, because Willa is far less popular than Willow, I think it's a fabulous alternative. I love the connections to Willa Cather, and I think that it has a strong yet girly feel.
    Mary -- Mary is one of the classic beauties like Philippa that I really do love. I love the dark feel of Mary, if you will. It reminds me of pitch-black nights, storms and dark waves, probably because of its meaning. I like that dark, subdued, poetic feeling and look.
    Maude -- Favorite! Maude is beautiful, bright and I also love her similar names: Maeve, May, Mauve, and the like. Lovely.
    Penelope -- Gorgeous, classic and strong. I connect it strongly with mythology, and that's one of the reasons I like it so much. I love the nn potential: Penny, Pen, Nell...
    Eugenie (you-JEN-ee) -- I like Eugenie a lot, but I much prefer the French pronunciation. But because I'm American, unless I live in France, it would be a no go for me simply because I don't particularly care for the English pronunciation. But Eugenia, for some reason, doesn't have that problem for me.
    Honor/Honora/Honoria -- Honor isn't my cup of tea, but Honora is undoubtedly beautiful. I love the ah-NORE-ee-ah pronunciation of Honoria. So yes, I really like Honora and Honoria, but not particularly Honor.
    Ada (AY-da) -- I'm a bit confused by your listed pronunciation, but that's probably just me being silly or overthinking it...are you pronouncing the AY like in Ida, or as in AAY, if you will? Because I've always heard it AAY-da and I much prefer it that way. Does this make any sense?
    Dulcina -- I'm not too fond. It's pretty, yes, but I don't find it very interesting.
    Isabeau -- Simply put: extremely pretty. Isabeau is just lovely, and I love the nn Isa or Beau.
    Rowena (Ro-WHEN-ah) -- I prefer it as ro-EE-na, which I find prettier and just generally more attractive, but this is another favorite. It's bold, interesting and so pretty. I love the nature connections and the overall sound and feel.
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