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    please rate my girls list, Stella Veronica currently # 1

    Stella Veronica has been my number one name for a girl for a long time now, but there are other names I love the same way but have a different look and feel.

    Here are some combo's I like and just wondering what your top 3 would look like and what you like about those combo's:

    #1 currently: Stella Veronica:

    Some of the competition on the list:
    Stella Helena (with Helena pron. as Hey LANE ah)
    Stella Carmen (a reference to my own name and his)
    Stella Rosalie
    Rosalie Stella
    Rosalie Carmen (as in "rose + garden" - recent love)
    Rosalie Helene (with Helene's French pron. as HEY Lenn)

    Looking forward to your feedback

    What do you picture when you read the above names?
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