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    It isn't a spunky name to me. I would classify it more as a fancy yet traditional name. It would go great with Leo, but I prefer Alice Genevieve.
    Thoughts in this thread?

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    I know one Genevieve (which is basically a common french variation of Jennifer). She is as far from feminine & froufrou as they come. She's a painter with a wild personality, a love of nature & a lot of quirks. She is really brave and goes after what she wants, as unconventional as that might be. She has lived in several cities across Canada; Montreal, Moncton, Vancouver... a couple years ago she moved to the Yukon and now she teaches piano and does art there.
    Funny note, she actually had/has a dog named Spunky! True story.

    I have always loved her name, and while I think the name is pretty & romantic, I don't think it;s over-the-top girlie. In either case a name doesn't define the person.
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    I would say elegant over spunky.

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    To me it definitely sounds sophisticated, and beautiful. But, I think it has a high spirited/spunky element to it as well. Perhaps I think this because of the girl I know with this name - she is incredibly attractive, free spirited, creative, sometimes loud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by larkub101 View Post
    Absolutely! I picture a really bubbly little girl that likes to wear flowery sundresses but isn't afraid to laugh, get dirty, or rebel a little.
    I agree with this! Genevieve's my top pick as well. Whenever I think about a little girl name Genevieve, I think of a little lady knight, a girl who lets her imagination run wild and will run out the back door screaming, "I'm going on an adventure!" and come back with dirt stains down her dress to show me a caterpillar she "rescued" so she could help it turn into a butterfly (or a dragon ). She isn't afraid to speak her mind but is also rather perceptive and gentle when the situation calls for it.

    If your husband can't be convinced, perhaps show him some of the wonderful nicknames that can be found within Genevieve--Ginny, Evie, Neve, Vivi--all of which I'd classify as somewhat spunky.

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