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    Do you consider Genevieve a spunky name?

    I really like spunky names. I also really like Genevieve. I just feel like I want my next baby (should it be a girl) to have a spunky name. I love spunky names. My husband says he doesn't think Genevieve is spunky, he thinks its frilly.

    What do you guys think? What kind of vibe do you get from Genevieve?

    The combo we really like is Genevieve Alice.

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    Absolutely! I picture a really bubbly little girl that likes to wear flowery sundresses but isn't afraid to laugh, get dirty, or rebel a little.

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    I have a really strong color association with Genevieve--it is a green, gardenlike name, wise and gentle. Herbal, somehow--fresh and green, but with a spice. (Maybe it's that vivid last syllable.) I'd picture a Genevieve as thoughtful and reflective, a contented old soul in a young body.

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    It is frilly, flouncy, and fussy to me, though it does have an energetic sound.
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    I see Genevieve as glamorous and not spunky. It's very polished and sophisticated definitely not down in the dirt kind of girl. I see as her as dignified with maybe quiet courage. I think she could be brave and smart, but not spunky.
    I think it's a little too buttoned up and put together to be spunky.
    Names like Molly, Sally, Piper, Sadie, Lexi, etc. I think the name should be less polished and have strong consonants particularly towards the ending. Genevieve Alice is very beautiful, but it's a quiet elegance. It's very polished and there's only one strong consonant (the opening G). I would say it's not a spunky name, I picture a little girl bookworm reading lots of books, with glasses who grows up to be a stately elegant woman who's sort of a beautiful wallflower, never the life of the party, very elegant. Genevieve Alice is very dignified even as child. It's a very dignified to me rather than spunky.
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