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    Name the Babies G1R2 (heyarnold924)

    Round two. Name the six families based on criteria given and I'll pick the best at the end of the round!

    Family #1
    Lyra May & Lawson August Bowen are parents to three year old twins Lilia and Leander and now they’ve just added one more to their family: a girl! Her first name should begin with the letter L just like her parents and siblings and her middle name should be a place name.

    DD/DS: Lilia September / Leander August (oboeplayer1)

    Family #2
    Elizabeth Hannah & John Patrick Hawthorne are adding another boy to their family! Elizabeth wants his first and middle names to be a classic. John Patrick wants his son to go by his first and middle names just like he and son Arthur James do, so they should flow well.

    DS: Arthur James (logicpuzzler)

    Family #3
    Elaine Claire & Ian Maxwell Davidson are expecting again, four years after little Frederick, Melchior and Adelaide were born! This time it’s a single baby girl. Elaine and Ian want their little girl’s first name to be after a famous Broadway actress Her middle name should be three syllables and not start with the same letter as her first name.

    DS/DS/DD: Frederick Reed / Melchior Alto / Adelaide Viola (mauvebird)

    Family #4
    Fiona Evelyn & Callum Jared O’Shea are expecting twins: a boy and a girl! They want their kid’s first names to be Irish and uncommon, like Emer’s to reflect their heritage. Callum would like their middle names to be related to nature.

    DD: Emer Violetta (bb)

    Family #5
    Emma Aymiee & Andrew Wyatt Steele are adding to their brood of boys. They want their son’s first name to begin with vowel like his parent’s and brothers Archer and Elliot. His middle name should be biblical.

    DS/DS: Archer Wyatt / Elliot Jaymes (bb)

    Family #6
    Penelope Anne & Taylor Riley Garrett are expecting a baby boy. His first name should be a name with no nicknames and his middle name should relate to New York City somehow just like his sister, Joey.

    DD: Josephine TribecaJoey” (logicpuzzler)
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