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    Need HELP! w/ boy/girl twin names!!

    OK, we are lost! Expecting b/g twins in December....So far we like Hattie or Hadlee for a girl....which do you all like better? Any middle name suggestions?

    For the boy we have Holden Scott, but are open to suggestions...

    Is it too "twinny" that all the names start with "h"...that wasn't planned, just worked out that way.

    I welcome suggestions, but no super-popular names please...

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    I love Hattie!! Holden is just ok.

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    Hattie is much better than Hadlee, but it's a bit nicknamey. Would you use Harriet or something as the full name? Holden is okay, NMS. It pairs well with Scott, though.
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    I do agree it's a bit of a nickname name, but Harriet isn't for me....Open to suggestions! Tend to like names that aren't too "fancy" or trendy....

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    I think Hadlee and Holden and a bit to "twinny" so my preference is Hattie =) I personally think it is cute if both twins names start with the same letter or have some aspect that sounds the same...

    Holden scott and Hattie Kaye sound really nice to me =)

    some other suggestions...

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