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Thread: Adelaide & Lila

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    Adelaide & Lila

    Hi Berries!

    I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant with baby #3!

    I have posted on this site several times before, but this is the first time I've posted since becoming pregnant. I have a son named Trevor and a daughter named Adelaide (who we call Addy). We will not be finding out the gender this time around since we already have one of each. If this baby is a boy, I decided long ago that we will name him Owen. However, even though I've been thinking about names for #3 since my daughter was born, I still can't decide on what we would name another girl.

    For those that have seen my posts in the past, my dad passed away about a year ago from cancer. I definitely want to honor him with this baby, so we will use his middle name (Robert) with Owen. For a girl, I plan on using Josephine in the middle (his middle name was Joseph... along with many other members on both sides of our families).

    Lately, I've been leaning towards Lila Josephine. I like it's vintage charm and have always liked names that end in 'a' (Adelaide was almost Olivia). Do you think Lila "falls short" with a name like Adelaide? I do think Addy & Lila make a sweet sister pair.

    Other names that I always go back to are Lillian (Lily), Charlotte and Eloise.

    Sometimes I think I put too much pressure on creating the perfect sibset vs. going with a name I love. My husband says he is pretty open this time around since he choose our daughter's name. Thoughts/suggestions?

    As always thanks for your help!
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    Lila is shorter and a bit more simple than Adelaide, but it is just as sweet and beautiful! I think it is most important that you love the name. I don't think they sound out of place at all. Eloise would be my second pick for you.

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    What about using Josephine as a fn with Josie as a nn? Adelaide and Josephine, Addy and Josie, make a really nice pair! Josephine Lily is a great combination too. While I like Lila Josephine, I would probably do a longer fn to make it a little more compatible with Adelaide. Lillian, Charlotte, and Eloise all work well and would make a great sibset with Adelaide and Trevor. Louisa Josephine is another combination that I think would work well.

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    When I saw your title Adelaide & Lila, something about those two names together just looked so perfect! And I don't think that very often..they just seem to fit! And Lila Josephine is gorgeous!
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    I think Adelaide and Lila are perfect. They both are sweet & vintage sounding.
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