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    Need a Girl's Name I LOVE!

    My son's name is Abe (not Abraham, just Abe and we're now having a little girl in February. When I heard his name, I fell in love with it and knew it was his name. I'm just not having that same feeling with any girls names. We don't have a particular style other than nothing too popular and nothing too off-the-wall and I just I want to name her what we'll call her ie: Abe not Abraham, Allie not Allison etc. Right now Allie is one of our top contenders, but it seems a little too common. We're also kicking around Anna. It doesn't have to be an "A" name, those just happen to be. I love the name Leah-too popular, also Meredith and Monica, but I can't get my hubby on board with those! I'd love any suggestions!! Thanks in advance

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