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    Lightbulb suggestions PLEASE! starting over! (with lists of things i used to like)

    ok i've posted plenty of polls before and had plenty of shortlists... but i want to basically start over. i'm having the hardest time. basically i've imposed a lot of rules for myself and it's hard finding names within those parameters that go well with my older daughter's name:

    Alora Belle

    i'm not going to list all my rules, because i'll sound insane. and i want to welcome any suggestions. the only thing is the last name begins with "N" so nothing that ends with "N." combo suggestions welcome as well! here are a few names i've loved and reasons they've struck out:

    (past top favorites)
    Winter- hate nicknames, hard to find a middle
    Matilda- hate nicknames (my dad's fav aunt was named Tillie so a nn here is kind of inevitable.)
    Beatrix- bf hates it, doesn't go well with Alora
    Briar- bf hates it
    Beverly- hate nicknames, doesn't go well with Alora
    Antoinette (as a middle)- still love this

    (a few i liked then just cooled off on)
    Brigitte (bruh-JEET)
    Laurel (as a middle)
    Fawn (as a middle)
    Snow (as a middle)

    (names i LOVE but end in "N")

    i need help starting from scratch, i'm in a rut!

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    First off - maybe I am wrong here - but - I think Delphine ends with the E sound (Del Fee Knee). If si that could still be in!

    Winter is beautiful. Being two syllables does it have to have a nn? If you hate Winnie then just Wint is sweet. MN ideas; Winter - Jane, Grace, Cordelia? You are right it is a tough one to pair.
    What about Coralina to avoid the N ending?
    Given your list, and as a sib to Alora, maybe you would like;
    Jasmina Snow
    Holly Antoinette

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    oh it's not that i dislike particular nicknames, i just don't like them at all! Winter is more of a combo issue, i've had problems finding a good middle. Winter Cordelia could be a contender though.

    i do like Coralie and Coral, but feel like Coral is very similar to Alora...

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    What about:
    Zola or Zorla (Zoey) - Zola Mae, Zorla Mae, Zola Melody, Zola Michelle
    Petra- Could be pronounced (peh-truh) or (pay-truh)- Petra Grace, Petra Eleanor, Petra Rose
    Olive (Olli)- Olive Antoinette, Olive Marie, Olive Mona
    Lucille (Lucy)- Lucille Meredith, Lucille Beth, Lucille Beverly
    Ellis (Elle) or (Elli)- Ellis Jade, Ellis Opal, Ellis Rae
    Ottilie (Otti)- Ottilie Dexa, Ottilie Sue, Ottilie Rain, Ottilie Priya
    and Charlotte (Charlie) or (Chuck) or my personal favorite (Lotti)- Charlotte Astraia, Charlotte Briana, Charlotte Rosa, Charlotte Beverly

    I hope this helped!

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