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    Quote Originally Posted by anotherkate View Post
    Benedict is on my list for favorite name for every letter of the alphabet, love it! Benno
    Prosper reminded me of someone I knew named prosser. His was combined with one of those lat names that makes you think of old money and American empires, kind of like Montgomery, but even bigger. Altogether it was a really sexy name!
    Sterling (a bit too alliterative with Stewart as a last name, sniff), Indigo, shadow (.. shadow with Stewart I think is a good sounding alliteration, on the other hand). .. Hmm, I'd totally go for niall or Nolan if the boyfriend wouldn't immediately veto them. Not crazy names but still on my daydream only list I'm afraid.
    Benno is adorable! I love that for Benedict Shadow Stewart does have a nice ring to it. As does Sterling Stewart actually. My fiance can immediately veto some of my favorite names too. I just try to find new ones He's more a Cameron while I'm more of a Huckleberry kind of namer. Love your daydream list

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovelygenevieve View Post
    I love Everest, Ransom, and Prosper. All of the other names are really cool as well

    I know some people pronounce Wilder as will-der. I find myself pronouncing it wild-er. I wonder if they are both correct or if wild-er is the right pronunciation or if will-der is right? I added Wilder to my list, but with the wild-er pronunciation. I wonder?
    Wilder is at the top of my list and I pronounce it wild-er. I think will-der would never be pronounced right where I'm from.

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    I love many boys' names! My guilty pleasure list:
    Wilder (seeing above the pronunciation issues: I pronounce it Will-der. I'm from Australia, if it makes a difference?)

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    Mine is Alfie as I hate Alfred so I would use Alfie as a full name. As well as Archie.
    On Breaker and Ryder they sound fine to me as I say Ry-dah and Break-ah
    @Jem I say Wild-ah and I think most Australians would
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    I'd honestly probably never use them as a first name. Tennyson is a little too pretentious and Everest sounds funny coming out of my mouth lol but it sounds great in my head. And I love Severin the most and would happily use it...but I'm wary of it being too close to "Severus"

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