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    Sister for Henry Atlas

    Hi! We're expecting baby number 2 - don't know gender yet.

    I am looking for suggestions for a sister for Henry Atlas.

    We like classic vintage-y names that also sound adventurous. I am leaning towards sticking with the pairing of a classic first with an offbeat middle name, but I am not set on it.

    I prefer offbeat word names that would go well with Atlas, rather than strictly matching it with a mythological name (though I welcome mythological suggestions too).

    What would you name a sister of Henry Atlas?

    Sibling naming is much harder! I want it to pair well but not be too matchy. I also LOVE clever fun and interesting nicknames.
    Mama of Henry Atlas & Margot Story

    Other name loves:

    Girls: Phoebe, Ramona, Holiday, Matilda, Susan, Helen
    Boys: Thomas, Ulysses, Odin, Oliver

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    While it is not a new suggestion, I love, love Gemma Scout, from your signature line. My little girl's name is Emerson (Emy) Scout, and I am still wildly in love with her name (and probably always will be).

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    First names first!

    Henry is strong, classic and timeless so do you want to match that with a girl's name or do something different?

    Clunky but cool Matilda (nn tilly), Agatha,

    Classic - Claire,

    Sweet - Molly, Daisy, Susi, Sally

    Vintage - Veronica, Violet, Ivy, Irene, Maevis, Mabel, Bridget, Sylvia

    Timeless - Elizabeth (nn Libby, Eliza, Beth etc etc etc) Sarah, Margaret, Anne (in any form) Diana,

    Is there any name that you are leaning towards already???? Once you have a lock on a name, then you can have lots of fun with the middle name!

    good luck

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    Henry makes me think of:

    Margaret (Maggie, Molly)

    I love Scout as a middle

    other middles that might be adventurous:

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    Henry Atlas is a stunning combo! I love it. My first thought was Charlotte Athena or Amelia Scout.

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