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    What do you think of these names, would a child be teased?

    Would like to get some feedback

    We are a Swedish couple waiting our first daughter. Possibly we may move to an English-speaking country in the future due to mu husbands job.
    We are thinking of Ebba or Astrid for the baby. They are traditional Swedish names and is very common among children here. But how do they work in English. Do the names sound too strange?

    I would be so happy if you could tell me what you feel about Ebba and Astrid.

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    Hi! Astrid is perfectly normal sounding to me (American). I have never heard of Ebba, it does sound a bit unique and it doesn't sound particularly feminine to me, but I don't think its strange enough to be teased over.
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    I love Astrid. It's a name of great history including the late Swedish-born Queen Astrid of Belgium. The only problem I see for this name is the first syllable. It resembles a common English word "ass" (donkey or derriere). Ebba may run into pronunciation problems so you may get "eh-buh", "ee-buh" or "ebb-uh". Most people would soon get the hang of it if they're corrected.
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    Astrid is much debated as a "bad" name in English because the first syllable is slang for the backside. However, it is more common & familiar sounding here in America than Ebba. Ebba might be mistaken for Emma which is very popular here. I think either name works well enough when it comes to pronunciation issues. If you like them both equally I guess my vote would go to Ebba, cause I think it's unique in a good way and you won't have to worry about teasing.

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    I think Ebba works well because it looks similar enough to Emma for comfort.

    I knew an Astrid and agree it would be the more familiar of the 2 names. I never liked her name and though I never made the 'ass' connection (as she was way older than I am)... I would go with Ebba as the safer choice.

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