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    Honoring our fathers

    My husband and I both want to honor our fathers in a baby boy name. Their names are Mark Timothy and Barry Joe.
    I fell in love with McKay when I saw it, and it kind of has elements of both names. I just feel like my dad's name (Mark) would be more dominant in the name. I sort of like McBray (Macbrae, MacBray) because it has more of the two names. Macrae is out of the sounds like McCrazy! I know that would be a name that our child would be made fun of for.

    So, which is better...
    McKay or McBray (Macbrae, MacBray)?

    Would McCoy be better?....maybe like Mark + Joe (FIL's middle name)= McCoy?

    Are either of these girly? Or could they be used for a boy?

    And what is the best spelling for either?

    yes, I know they sound like surnames, but I actually like that aspect of them.
    And, the name might end up as a first or middle name. Its still up in the air.
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