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    Honoring our fathers

    My husband and I both want to honor our fathers in a baby boy name. Their names are Mark Timothy and Barry Joe.
    I fell in love with McKay when I saw it, and it kind of has elements of both names. I just feel like my dad's name (Mark) would be more dominant in the name. I sort of like McBray (Macbrae, MacBray) because it has more of the two names. Macrae is out of the sounds like McCrazy! I know that would be a name that our child would be made fun of for.

    So, which is better...
    McKay or McBray (Macbrae, MacBray)?

    Would McCoy be better?....maybe like Mark + Joe (FIL's middle name)= McCoy?

    Are either of these girly? Or could they be used for a boy?

    And what is the best spelling for either?

    yes, I know they sound like surnames, but I actually like that aspect of them.
    And, the name might end up as a first or middle name. Its still up in the air.
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    My first thought with McBray was a donkey braying... personally I find that to be a rather unpleasant image. McKay is nice but the spelling and pronunciation will be confused with MacKay- I know someone whose last name is MacKay (rhymes with "day") and she's always getting it pronounced like McKay (ending like the letter I), it drives her crazy. McCoy is nice but in America there's the Hatfield-McCoy reference, not so much here in Canada. None of them seem girly to me though.

    Sorry, I'm not very helpful The best suggestion I can think of is Mark Joseph as a double name. Oh- and are you sure it's a boy? If it's a girl you could use Mary or Mary Jo(e) which combines both.
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    McKay sounds very feminine to me because of all Mc girls names out there and because Kay is more of girls name than a boys name now. I honestly don't think any Mc name works well for a boy these days. It also sounds very trendy.

    I would consider Marco to combine Mark and Joe. Or pick another name you love and use Mark and Barry as middle names.
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