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    Caspian, Torquil, Hawkley, Darcy...boy oh boy!!!

    Ok Berries. Last time I posted I had a top ten. Now we are now narrowing it down and want your thoughts! Siblings are Griffyn and Azalia. Last name is two syllable and starts with H. Baby is due in December.

    First names we like:
    Caspian (love the name Caspian, worried about it being too associated with Narnia)
    Torquil (lovely mix of mythology, and both scottish and scandinavian like DH)
    Hawkley (loved this name for a while, worried about the double H - first name and last name)
    Darcy (what can I say. DH and I both love Pride & Prejudice, way more "normal" than our other pics)

    Middle names we like:
    Leonardo (family significance)
    Fitzwilliam (yes more Pride and prejudice)
    Granville (place significance for us)
    Lynx (northern theme)

    Combos we are considering:
    Caspian Leonardo (I also loved Caspian Fitzwilliam but I think that's a little too much literary onus to place on a kid)
    Darcy Granville (That's a lot of two-syllables in a row and also possibly too much "english name from a french place")
    Torquil Fitzwilliam (I think Torquil needs an easier possibly one syllable middle like Torquil Jay)
    Hawkley ???

    Thoughts on the above combos? Any ideas for, especially middle names, that go with our top first name pics? I'd love either 1 syllable or 3 or 4 syllable suggestions. Preferably something to do with arts/literature, nature, northern names and spanish names.


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    No comments/ideas? Oh dear, I might have to go back to the drawing board again...

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    From your list I love the name Caspian Leonardo. I love names with a family significance.

    I'm nor a huge fan of Hawkley, but I really like the name sounds rugged and manly to me.

    Good luck!

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    Griffyn and Azalia are great names.
    Combos we are considering:
    Caspian Leonardo is a great name. I prefer it over Caspian Fitzwilliam sound wise alone.
    Darcy Granville hmm I don't love it but it's ok. Darcy Lynx is kinda cool but maybe a bit too unisex?
    Torquil Fitzwilliam is my faveriot of your combos. I actually think a one mn takes away some of Torquils flair... Guess it depends on what you used though. Torquil Hawke? Torquil Fitz? Torquil Lynx? I still prefer Torquil Fitzwilliam
    Hawkley. I don't love this name sorry. Although Hawkley Granville could work? I don't mind the 2 , 2, 2 syllable flow with some names. I think it depends on where in the name each stress is? Hawkley North?

    Good luck
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    I love Caspian. I have to laugh that you said you ruled Caspian Fitzwilliam out because after reading your first and middle names that was the combination that sprang to my mind. It is a little literary heavy though.

    While not a huge fan of Hawkley (I personally prefer Hawthorne), I think it sounds great with Griffyn and Azalia. I wouldn't be worried about the double H thing at all. Hawkley Granville sounds great.

    Caspian is the other one that I think works well with your other children. Yes, people will think of Narnia, but the stories and that character are so beloved that it shouldn't be seen as a bad thing. Most people will probably just think it's really cool. Caspian Leonardo and Caspian Granville are both good combinations.
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