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    When taste is names is completely different, how do you find a happy medium?

    Hi there! I have come here in desperate need of help naming the precious little girl we are expecting in just 10 short weeks. My husband and I are having serious issues when it comes to naming this baby because our taste in names are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. He seems to like more trendy, cutesy, masculine names where as I prefer more classic,, frilly, feminine names. I am not sure how we can meet in the middle with this. We do both have children from previous relationships me, a son Henry and him 2 little girls Reese and Adelyn which shows our complete opposite tastes.

    Anyone have any advice? Suggestions that may appeal to both of us?
    Thank you!

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    Hmm... I think I would be going for older names with a rhythm/sound compatible with his modern aesthetic.

    Reese is light and breezy, one syllable and sleek - Blythe, Jane, Clare, Maeve all have a short crisp sound. Grace, Alice, and Iris have the sleek -s sound ending.

    Adelyn (ada-lynn I'm assuming) suggests Tamsin, Tegan, Branwen, Lillian, Vivien, Imogen - yes, I am fixating on the -n ending but it does give a certain tailored, not-too-frilly feel. It doesn't have to give a very trendy feel though. Tamsin especially makes me think it might buy off someone who wants a boyish feel - while being actually, historically femme.

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    Here are some names I can see fitting in with the kids names:
    Reese, Adalyn, Henry and Eliza.
    Reese, Adalyn, Henry and Juliet.
    Reese, Adalyn, Henry and Charlotte.
    Reese, Adalyn, Henry and Lila.
    Reese, Adalyn, Henry and Willa. *This is a favourite, because I feel it goes well with each individual sibling name too!
    Reese, Adalyn, Henry and Nola.
    Reese, Adalyn, Henry and Fiona.

    Good luck!
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    This is a bit of a challenge but I agree with previous posters than you need to look for classic, feminine names that have crisp feel.

    Willa - I agree with the poster above that this works with all three sibling names.
    Jayne - this deviates slightly from the more classic Jane but has a modern feel and ties in with the y in Henry.
    Tessa - feminine and classic yet modern feeling an well.
    Molly and Lucy - classic, feminine, but peppy
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    Could you agree on something longer and frillier with a shorter, sleeker nickname? Henry, Reese, Adalyn and:
    Delphine (Della/ Delphie/ Finn)
    Juliet (Jett, Jewel)
    Susannah (Zuzu)
    Caroline (Caro)
    Mirabelle (Merry/ Mira)
    Beatrix (Bea/ Trixie)
    Alessandra (Zan)
    Cassandra (Cassie/ Cass / Andie)
    Genevieve (Ginny, Eva, Eve, Viva)
    Claudia/ Claudette (Claude, Dee)
    Colette (cole, Lettie)
    Lavinia (Liv, Vinny, Nia)

    Classic and sleek:

    Good luck

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