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Thread: "ayden" names

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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    I fondly refer to this as the Aidenity crisis.
    southern.maple, Aidenity crisis, I love it.

    Those numbers are very interesting!
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    I prefer "ayden" names when they're used in a girl. Hayden on a girl is adorable, on a boy, obnoxious. Jaidyn/Jayden on a girl is also cute. Not on a boy.

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    1,690 wouldn't believe how difficult this trend makes my job as a substitute teacher sometimes. Everyone says, "oh, don't name him/her (top 10 name) because it's too popular - she won't be the only one in her class!" But, honestly, I rarely encounter 2 Jacobs or 2 Sophias in a class, but I often have more than one kid with an -ayden name. And they're so hard to remember because they're made up! I'm constantly calling them by some similar-sounding incorrect name. I'd rather have 2 Jacobs, at least I'll remember what to call them. The ridiculous thing is all these parents think they're being unique.
    I actually liked Aidan the first time I heard it. It's still way better than all of its many imitators!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dramagrl19 View Post
    I prefer "ayden" names when they're used in a girl. Hayden on a girl is adorable, on a boy, obnoxious. Jaidyn/Jayden on a girl is also cute. Not on a boy.
    I know several girls with these, I think it may be worse than the boys.

    What is wrong with Jade? Jade is pretty. Can't deal with Jayden on either gender.

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    Because of their similarities to Aidan, which is legit (or at least some spelling of it is), Hayden and Jayden (etc.) are nothing but masculine to me.

    I wonder what the total tally would be if you included all of the spellings outside the top 1,000! -aden names are a crazy trend. Even though I sort of like Aidan, I'd never use it because of the trend.
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