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    Oct 2013
    didnt like it

    changed midnight to mydnyght, which is horrible.

    annakate became


    think im ok as i am!

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    Yuck I'm glad I'm not a celebrity.

    clinographic comanche & brainsickness hummaul
    Theodore Arthur

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    Jun 2010
    My celebrity baby would be named:
    Carwash Clethrionomys LOL

    Top names:
    Mabel: Maibel, Maybel, Mabil, Mabell (but not Maybell or Maybelle which are two accepted alternate spellings)
    Vivian: Vyvyan
    Leona: Liona
    Flora: Fllora
    Florence: Florense, Fllorence
    Zelda: Zilda, Zellda
    Vesper: Vispir

    August: Awgust (vomit)
    Barnaby: Barnabi (listed twice), Barnabeigh, Barnaby (same as original name), Barnabee, Barnabie
    Luther: Luthir (but not Luthor, which is a semi-accepted alternate spelling)
    Whistler (GP): Whistlir, Whystler, Whistller

    I'm a little proud that they had a hard time trendifying most of my girls' names
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

    avatar by *moogley-mog

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    Aug 2012
    I did my name, my boyfriend's, and a few of my favorites. This is what I got.

    Amanda - none. Heheh! I win!
    Justin - Justyn
    Seth - Sith (As in Star Wars? Hahaha)
    Tessa - Tissa
    Elliot - Ellyot
    Kayla - Cayla/Kaila/Kaylla
    Russell - Russill/Russel
    Marlowe - Mairlowe/Mayrlowe/Marllowe
    Clark - Clarc/Klark/Cllark
    Juliana - Julyana/Julliana
    Gabriel - Gaibriel/Gaybriel/Gabriil/Gabryel/Gabriell
    Lyra - Lira

    Bradley - Braidley, Braydley, Bradli, Bradleigh, Bradly, Bradlee, Bradlie, Bradlei, Bradlley
    Sidney - Sidni, Sidneigh, Sidny, Sidnee, Sidnei, Sidnie, Sydney
    Jason - none
    Walker - Wailker, Waylker, Walcer, Walkir, Wallker
    Michael - Michaiel, Michayel, Mikhael, Michail, Mychael, Michaell
    Travis - Travys
    Alice - Ailice, Aylice, Alise, Alyce, Allice
    Valerie - Vailerie, Vaylerie, Valerye, Vallerie
    ♂ Ellis Christopher / Asher Estlin / Seth Joshua / Gordon Thomas / Russell Joseph ♂
    ♀ Marilyn Kay / Joanna Kathryn / Tessa Diane / Nola Elaine / Christine Ruby ♀

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    Apr 2012
    That generator is disturbing me!

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