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    My darling Agatha Eden Joy has been turned in to:
    1) Aigaithai Eden Joy
    2) Aygaythay Idin Joeigh

    WHAT!? They're not even pronounced the same!! Oh my poor eyes...

    Amelia Fallon Kate - Aimeliai Faillon Kaite
    Avia Willow Ruth - Avya Wyllow Ruth
    Juliette Primrose Mary - Julitti Primrosi Mariegh (pretty sure that is a completely different name to the one I put in)

    Romeo Willard North - Romio Wyllard North
    Louis Theodore Gray - Louys Thiodori Graeigh
    Isaac William Todd - Ysaac Wyllyam Todd

    Oh dear.
    MaddieFleur, Name Lover, Someday Mummy

    For my little ladies: Evie, Tessa, Charlotte, Leah, Millie, Poppy, Cara, Juliet, Ottilie, Isolde, Rosalind, Martha
    For my dashing gents: Finn, Charlie, Isaac, Louis, William, Rory, Roman, Arthur, Leopold, Nicholas, Alexander, August

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    My celebrity children would be Iliopelvic Denarius and Dentistic Erythrogen. Lovely...

    Otherwise, using my top 5, I got:

    Cosima: Kosima/Cosyma
    Ophelia: Ophilia/Ophelya/Ophellia
    Alice: Ailice/Aylice/Alise/Alyce/Allice
    Amelie: Aimelie/Aymelie/Amelye/Amellie
    Lucie: Lusie/Lucye

    Victor: Viktor/Vyctor
    Nicolas: Nikolas/Nycolas/Nicollas
    Charles: Chairles/Chayrles/Kharles/Charlles
    Alistair: Alystayr/Allistair
    Arthur: none

    They don't have anything for Theodore as well (I'm thankful for that, but I find it kind of surprising.)

    I also checked out the French middles. Caressa, Elouise, Florida and Devin are not French girl names. Same goes for Jaye, Dickie, Piperel and Bari for boys...

    Alice, Amélie, Audrey, Cosima, Eleanor, Isadora, Lucie, Lydia, Ophelia, Rose, Scarlett, Stella
    Alistair, Arthur, Casper, Charles, Marius, Nicolas, Oscar, Perceval, Theodore, Victor, Vincent, Xavier

    GPs: Aoife, Artemis, Arwen, Guinevere, Hecate, Iphigenia, Musichetta, Nyx, Olive, Philomena, Wendy, Xanthe, Zenobia / Cecil, Chester, Crispin, Hamish, Lucius, Lysander, Magnus, Seamus

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    Northern Ireland/England
    They came up with Hainnaih Caitherine, Haynnayh Caytherine, Hannah Katherine and Hannah Catheryne for me. I don't know why the first two have those Is and Ys in them as my name has no I or Y sounds. Hannah Katherine is completely normal, they just changed the C to a K and I don't even think Catheryne's too weird either. An odd mix I think.

    Names from my signature:
    Amabel - Aimaibel/Aymaybel/Amabil/Amabell
    Bryony - Brioni/Breighoneigh(???!!!)/Breeonee/Brieonie/Bryoni/Bryoney/Bryonie
    Cecily - Cecili/Cecileigh/Cecilee/Cecilie/Cesily/Secily/Cicily/Cecili/Cecyly/Cecilly
    Charis - Kharis/Charys
    Clara - Klara/Cllara (since when was Cll- a legitimate combination of letters?)
    Flora - Fllora (or Fll- for that natter...)
    Georgiana - Giorgiana/Georgyana
    Ophelia - Ophilia/Ophelya/Ophellia
    Rosamund - nothing!
    Sylvie - Silvie/Sylvye/Syllvie
    Tabitha - Tabytha
    Tamsin - Tamsyn

    Arthur - nowt!
    Asher - Aisher/Aysher/Ashir
    Barnaby - Barnabi/Barnabeigh/Barnabee/Barnabie
    Darcy - Darci/Darceigh/Darcee/Darcie/Darsy (but no Darcey?)
    Elliot - Illiot (what?)/Ellyot/Eliot
    Felix - Filix/Felyx/Fellix
    Frederick - Fredericc (cc?)/Frederikk/Fridirick/Frederyck
    Henry - Henri/Henreigh/Henree/Henrie/Hinry
    Rowan - nada!
    Rupert - Rupirt
    Theodore - and zilch!
    Tristan - Trystan

    The majority of these I would not pronounce anything like they're supposed to be. They've also missed off some rather obvious legitimate spellings.
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    Arthur ~ Barnaby ~ Basil ~ Bertie ~ Darcy ~ Elliot ~ Felix ~ Fraser ~ Frederick ~ Henry ~ Monty ~ Rowan ~ Rupert ~ Theodore ~ Tristan

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    Dagmar - Digmar
    Cleopatra - Clleopatra/Cliopatra
    Artemis - Ayrtemis/Airtimis/Artemys
    Signe - Sygne - The first part reminds of the danish word for sick.
    Fie - Fye
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    Proud Auntie/cousin to;
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    Loved names
    Henry Oliver | Laurel Maria | Ianto Lior | Bobbie Frances | Cecil Oswald |

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