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    My favorite of your first names are Callisto and Pandora.
    Pandora Clemency Astrid
    Pandora Daphne Astrid
    Pandora Eilonwy Astrid
    Pandora Eowyn Astrid
    Pandora Freya Astrid
    Pandora Giselle Astrid
    Pandora Astrid Lysistrata
    Pandora Astrid Melusine
    Pandora Melusine Astrid
    Pandora Ophelia Astrid
    Pandora Astrid Rivendell
    Pandora Rivendell Astrid
    Pandora Yvaine Astrid
    Pandora Astrid Yvaine
    Callisto Aurora Astrid
    Callisto Astrid Clemency
    Callisto Daphne Astrid
    Callisto Astrid Eilonwy
    Callisto Lilje Astrid
    Callisto Lorelei Freya
    Callisto Astrid Lyonesse
    Callisto Astrid Mist
    Callisto Astrid Rivendell
    Callisto Astrid Saga
    Callisto Astrid Yvaine
    Callisto Astrid Titania
    Pandora Daphne Aurora
    Pandora Daphne Eilonwy
    Pandora Daphne Eowyn
    Pandora Daphne Freya
    Pandora Daphne Giselle
    Pandora Daphne Gwenllian
    Pandora Daphne Hecate
    Pandora Daphne Lilje
    Pandora Daphne Lyonesse
    Pandora Daphne Lysistrata
    Pandora Daphne Melusine
    Pandora Daphne Natasha
    Pandora Daphne Ophelia
    Pandora Daphne Rivendell
    Pandora Daphne Saga
    Pandora Daphne Tempest
    Pandora Daphne Titania
    Pandora Daphne Yvaine
    Callisto Aurora Daphne
    Callisto Aurora Eilonwy
    Callisto Aurora Eowyn
    Callisto Aurora Giselle
    Callisto Aurora Gwenllian
    Callisto Aurora Hecate
    Callisto Aurora Lorelei
    Callisto Aurora Melusine
    Callisto Aurora Rivendell
    Callisto Aurora Tempest
    Callisto Aurora Yvaine
    Pandora Eilonwy Aurora
    Pandora Eilonwy Cassandra
    Pandora Eilonwy Giselle
    Pandora Eilonwy Lysistrata
    Pandora Eilonwy Hecate
    Pandora Eilonwy Melusine
    Pandora Eilonwy Saga
    Callisto Daphne Melusine
    Callisto Daphne Giselle
    Callisto Daphne Lilje
    Callisto Daphne Lorelei

    I could think of plenty more but I think I've exhausted myself for the moment. Hope one of these strike your fancy!
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    This is going to be a teeny little post out of all the other suggestions. Sorry 'bout that.

    I have seen Galileo in your signature, have you ever thought of Galilea for a girl?
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    Moonie; thank you, I love that one too!

    Bib; I like these:
    Pandora Daphne Astrid
    Pandora Eowyn Astrid
    Pandora Astrid Melusine
    Pandora Astrid Rivendell
    Pandora Daphne Eowyn
    Pandora Daphne Melusine
    Callisto Aurora Rivendell
    Pandora Eilonwy Cassandra

    Jaz; I replied to this in my other thread, but I can do it again. Galilea's a little place namey for me, and Galileo is my top choice for a boy so I can't go for Galilea. Thanks though!

    These are the ones we can agree on, but none of them feels quite right... meh. Thank you all though, they're beautiful!

    Callisto Daphne Celebrían
    Callisto Freyja Undómiel
    Callisto Idony Silamariën

    Hespera Daphne Alatáriel
    Hespera Eos Alatáriel
    Hespera Sonja Elbereth

    Isis Alcyone Elentari
    Isis Atalanta Undómiel
    Isis Celebrian Eir
    Isis Elentari Villanelle
    Isis Ingrid Lysistrata
    Isis Polyhymnia Mist

    Morgana Aello Villanelle
    Morgana Eowyn Villanelle
    Morgana Circe Undómiel
    Morgana Ingrid Undómiel
    Morgana Alcyone Tempest
    Morgana Tempest Silmariën
    Morgana Thora Melusine

    Pandora Astrid Melusine
    Pandora Astrid Undómiel
    Pandora Silmariën Ondine
    Pandora Ilmarë Ourania

    Tinuviel Circe Ingrid
    Tinuviel Eowyn Lorelei
    Tinuviel Eva Celebrían

    We've let Hespera, and most likely Pandora go, but I included them for fun.
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    I think Morgana is going to be the one. Not sure what the middle names will be (all are beautiful combinations) but I do think she is the one.

    on second thought: Morgana Alcyone Circe?
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    Good job narrowing it down. That could not have been easy. I'm throwing in some (read: a lot) more Nuvi- combos, as you said none of those you had felt right and I am so rooting for her to be the one.

    Tinúviel Ingrid Ilmarë
    Tinúviel Ingrid Silmariën
    Tinúviel Circe Elentari
    Tinúviel Eowyn Ourania
    Tinúviel Ingrid Melusine
    Tinúviel Idony Eimyrja
    Tinúviel Ilmarë Villanelle
    Tinúviel Lilje Imladris
    Tinúviel Imladris Yvaine
    Tinúviel Ophelia Silmariën
    Tinúviel Idonea Heleyne
    Tinúviel Idonea Sol
    Tinúviel Ingrid Heleyne
    Tinúviel Ingrid Terpischore
    Tinúviel Ingrid Nyneve
    Tinúviel Ilmarë Lyonesse
    Tinúviel Saga Ilmarë
    Tinúviel Saga Verdande
    Tinúviel Skathi Aurora
    Tinúviel Daphne Eimyrja
    Tinúviel Idonea Giselle
    Tinúviel Ingrid Rivendell
    Tinúviel Hecate Aurora
    Tinúviel Ino Heleyne
    Tinúviel Ourania Mist
    Tinúviel Olwen Nimue
    Tinúviel Eos Pareerou
    Tinúviel Ondine Ancalimë
    Tinúviel Saga Imladris
    Tinúviel Ingrid Gersemi
    Tinúviel Ilmarë Amoret
    Tinúviel Circe Heleyne
    Tinúviel Kara Villanelle
    Tinúviel Oenone Skathi
    Tinúviel Oenone Yvaine
    Tinúviel Aurora Hecate
    Tinúviel Lilje Nyneve
    Tinúviel Lilje Blodeuwedd
    Tinúviel Lilje Elentári
    Tinúviel Freyja Villanelle
    Tinúviel Stella Silmariën
    Tinúviel Saga Elentári
    Tinúviel Lorelei Terpischore
    Tinúviel Lorelei Nyneve
    Tinúviel Lorelei Ilmarë
    Tinúviel Lorelei Imladris

    Got a bit carried away here, haha! Hope you like some of them!

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