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    imagine; thanks, I like my style of naming too . Glad you like Hespera Sonja Elbereth, the combos you made are lovely, but we're only looking for middles for the six names I mentioned.

    AiW; utterly perfect! Wow, thank you, that's very sweet. So many lovely combos, but the one that captured my heart is Pandora Astrid Heleyne, it's so beautiful and wateresque.

    Hermione; goodie . Yeah, I'm a Tolkien girl. From your combos I like Hespera Lyonesse Rivendell, Isis Titania Yvaine, Callisto Eva Terpsichore and Morgana Celebrian Stella very much! Thanks.

    Elja; tahnk you!!!! You're the sweetest. Isn't Tinuviel Circe Ingrid splendid? I love that Ingrid works with Tinuviel. Now I can't wait to see what you've got for me. All your combos are beautiful, but these took my breath away and left me speechless:
    Callisto Ingrid Hecate
    Callisto Saga Ophelia
    Hespera Alatáriel Ingrid
    Hespera Freyja Alatáriel
    Hespera Ingrid Blodeuwedd
    Isis Alcyone Elentári
    Isis Imladris Giselle
    Isis Ingrid Lysistrata (eeek!!)
    Morgana Circe Lysistrata
    Morgana Ingrid Undómiel (Ingrid and Undómiel work everywhere!)
    Pandora Astrid Alcyone
    Pandora Astrid Undómiel (okay, this is a seriously smashing combo. It feels really dark, smooth, mysterious and underwatery)
    Tinúviel Ingrid Ophelia
    Tinúviel Lilje Cassandra

    As you can see that's almost all of them! You're a combo making genius, no doubt about that one. Of course, Husband will come in at some point and veto a bunch, but these are all so lovely and they just fit with my imagery. Thanks so so much sweetie!

    Karma; ooooh, Morgana Eowyn Loveday! That's so beautiful and powerful, thank you!

    Judy; Tinuviel Freyja Giselle and Isis Amoret Ondine (switched) are beautiful, thanks!

    Apollonia; interesting perspective. We're settled on out firsts, but we're using a "normal" middle for the more unusual firsts (Ingrid for Tinuviel for example). Which way we do it doesn't matter to us though. Thanks though!

    Waverly; Morgana Stella Hecate and Pandora Cissea Idony are both beautiful, thank you!

    Whirls; Excited to see what you'll come up with !

    Pernille; hi and welcome! Love your imagery for Huldra, Saga and Aurora. And don't worry, you're not stalkerish! Oh, I'm glad you didn't think about the organ thing with Morgana. Maybe it's just my siblings not wanting me to use Morgana? The thing with Hespera is bothering me a little bit. It does sound awfully close, and my sister brought it up when I was pregnant with my last one. But I'll leave her for now and we'll see... And you're not interfering, I love new voices chiming in and especially a norwegian one! Thanks so much, and I hope you'll enjoy this site very much.

    Lex; you know, I do think about this sometimes (the theme thing, I mean, in case you're not in my head). Which might be why Morgana and Tinuviel feel like the front runners (along with Callisto, but for some reason this feels less Greek than the others - I don't know why that is!). I would ideally like my first two children to have different origin in their names (again, if I was having a boy it would be so easy!). Now to your gorgeous glorious combos:
    Callisto Ilmarë Giselle
    Hespera Lilje Ondine
    Hespera Stella Imladris
    Hespera Daphne Titania
    Hespera Aurelia Undómiel (you did it, you made me love Aurelia!)
    Isis Polyhymnia Mist (great minds think alike! Aren't they wonderful together?)
    Isis Yavanna Alatáriel
    Morgana Ophelia Tinuviel (an old favourite)
    Morgana Silmariën Lorelei (eeeek!)
    Tinuviel Eva Celebrian
    Tinuviel Sonja Ancalimë
    Tinuviel Pareerou Lorelei
    Pandora Clemency Éowyn
    Pandora Villanelle Kara
    Pandora Pareerou Írimë (this is so flippin cute I want to squeeze your cheeks!)
    You're too good at this stuff, Lex, that was basically me just copying and pasting. Thank you my sweet!

    Sorci; yay, middles! I love Callisto Hecate Elenna, Hespera Freyja Gwenllian, Isis Eilonwy Astraea and Tinuviel Saga Amoret! Thanks so much.

    Sarah; ooooh, yay, I'm so glad you like it! I was ecstatic when I thought of it, Tinuviel Circe Ingrid just works beautifully. And I adore the lack of a's, it counter acts Dita's a-filled name. It's so nice to get this feedback! I'm all smiles here. If you want to work on some combos, that would be lovely!! But only if you're up to it, I know you're busy and not feeling so well.

    Belle; you posted while I posted! Hespera Eos Alatáriel, Hespera Silmariën Mist, Isis Niniane Melusine and Morgana Undómiel Mist are all beautiful, thank you so much!
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    Yay! I don't know what their deal with Morgana is. Maybe they have a different dialect than I do and put the emphasis on the organ- part? I'm from the east, just an hour outside of Oslo, so I pretty much speak the "normal" dialect.

    I'm gonna try to do some combos (because it's so much more fun than my essay). I'm also gonna go out on a limb and include the Norwegian name Tiril (or Tililil, if you prefere, assuming you like it at all). It's an, in my opinion, underused gorgeous name, with great roots in Norwegian culture, and it translates to "seductive tones". How amazing is that?

    Tinúviel Huldra Silmariën
    Tinúviel Ophelia Sol
    Tinúviel Circe Eimyrja
    Tinúviel Saga Lorelei
    Tinúviel Aurora Yvaine
    Tinúviel Ingrid Polyhymnia

    Morgana Tiril Silmariën
    Morgana Ingrid Atalanta
    Morgana Lorelei Éowyn

    Pandora Eimyrja Giselle
    Pandora Ilmarë Ourania
    Pandora Gwenllian Sol

    Callisto Alatáriel Hecate
    Callisto Titania Eva
    Callisto Saga Undómiel

    I just did my top four. As you can see, I'm in Tinúviels corner. Hope you like some of them!

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    Pernille; Nah, my mum's from Oslo. We lived just outside of Oslo (on the west side) for a few years of my childhood. But... my family is weird, everyone's obsessed with words and such things. Oh I love Tiril! It was one of my favourites growing up. It's so beautiful, I simply forgot about it! Your combos all loook beautiful, I in particular love these:
    Tinúviel Huldra Silmariën
    Tinúviel Circe Eimyrja
    Tinúviel Saga Lorelei
    Morgana Tiril Silmariën
    Morgana Lorelei Éowyn
    Pandora Eimyrja Giselle
    Pandora Ilmarë Ourania
    Callisto Alatáriel Hecate
    Callisto Saga Undómiel

    Thank you so much!!
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    So many pretty manes, and making first / middle combos is my favorite activity. I don't even know where to start.
    Also, sorry if I'm repeating something here...:

    Callisto Yvaine Ancalimë
    Callisto Yvaine Blodeuwedd (!)
    Callisto Lilje Blodeuwedd
    Callisto Daphne Ridenvell
    Callisto Nimue Ridenvell

    Hespera Yvaine Ridenvell
    Hespera Atalanta Irime
    Hespera Yavanna Terpsichore (!)
    Hespera Astrid Verdande

    Isis Pareerou Skathi
    Isis Ophelia Pareerou
    Isis Gwenllian Giselle

    Morgana Undomiel Lyonesse
    Morgana Lyonesse Iving

    Pandora Freyja Lyonesse
    Pandora Lilje Eimyrja (!)
    Pandora Ophelia Nyneve
    Pandora Yvaine Lysistrata

    Tinuviel Lilje Atalanta
    Tinuviel Sonja Elentari
    Tinuviel Rivendell Elentari
    Tinuviel Blodeuwedd Mist
    Tinuviel Melusine Gwenllian (!!)
    Tinuviel Pareerou Gwenllian
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    Yay, combo time!

    Callisto Melusine Eva - Morgana is my favorite of the individual names, but this is probably my favorite of the combos I came up with.
    Callisto Amoret Freyja
    Callisto Verdande Olwen

    Hespera Gwenllian Daphne
    Hespera Lyonesse Giselle
    Hespera Elentari Saga

    Isis Terpischore Stella
    Isis Atalanta Sonja
    Isis Titania Heleyne

    Morgana Circe Ophelia
    Morgana Tinuviel Hecate
    Morgana Rivendell Yvaine

    Pandora Lorelei Ondine
    Pandora Nimue Astrid
    Pandora Alcyone Cassandra

    Tinúviel Clemency Aurora
    Tinuviel Natasha Ingrid (although I like your Tinuviel Circe Ingrid as well)
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