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    Morgana Éowyn Loveday is my favorite!

    Isis Clemency Amoret
    Pandora Tempest Olwen

    And this is my favorite of your already established picks:
    Tinúviel Circe Ingrid

    Still rooting for Morgana!
    *Magnolia Anouk /Evangeline/Evelina Charlotte Rue/Junia Evangeline/Viviana Wildflower/ Georgiana Soleil/Sylvie Wilhelmina Moon/ Guinivere Ione Moon*

    *Alive, Amoret, Cordelia, Olive, Beatrix, Eugenie, Marigold, Luna, Snow, Matilda, Fleur, Florence*

    *Augusten Wolf/ Magnus Jude/August Jasper/Jude/Cyrus Jude/Lev*

    *Osias, Caius, Finlo, Westley,Ivo, Grey, Thatcher, Ignatius, Hawthorne, Benedict, Atlas, Asher, Hugo,Caspian, August *

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    A few combos that come to mind:
    Tinuviel Freyja Giselle
    Isis Ondine Amoret
    Callisto Astraea Verdande
    Morgana Silmarien Rivendell

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    DD #1's three names:

    1. One "everyone" has heard and "no one" has used ( a p h r o d i t e ).

    2. One "everyone" has heard and "everyone" has used ( m a r i a n ).

    3. One "no one" has heard and "no one" has used ( i l l y r i a ).

    (Words in quotes used loosely as if to say "relatively speaking" from this American's perspective.)

    I'd do the exact same thing in the exact same order for DD #2.

    Names "everyone" has heard and "no one" has used:

    Alcyone, Amoret, Atalanta, Callisto, Circe, Clemency, Hespera, Honey, Isis, Loveday, Mist, Ophelia, Pandora, Saga, Tempest, Terpsichore, Titania

    Names "everyone" has heard and "everyone" has used:

    Astrid, Aurora, Cassandra, Daphne, Elenna, Eva, Freyja, Giselle, Elaine/Helena/Heleyne, Ingrid, Kara, Lilje, Lorelei, Morgana, Natasha, Sol, Sonja,

    Names "no one" has heard and "no one" has used:

    Aglaia, Alatáriel, Ancalimë, Astraea, Blodeuwedd, Celebrían, Cissea, Eilonwy, Eimyrja, Eir/Eira, Eisa, Elbereth/Elentári, Eos, Éowyn, Gersemi, Gwenllian, Hecate, Huldra, Idunn/Idonea/Idony, Ilmarë, Imladris, Ino, Írimë, Iving, Lyonesse, Lysistrata, Melusine, Nimue/Niniane/Nyneve, Oenone, Olwen, Ondine, Ourania, Pareerou, Polyhymnia, Rivendell, Silmariën, Skathi, Tinúviel, Undómiel, Verdande, Villanelle, Yavanna, Yvaine

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    I like Stella, Ophelia, Elenna, Eva and Aurora the most. Cissea is really cool, but I've never heard of it. Some ideas...
    Callisto Aurora - followed by something unique such as Eowen. Callisto Aurora Eowyn is very pretty!
    Callisto Stella Hecate - similar idea as Callisto Aurora
    Callisto Ophelia - don't like as much due to the double O.
    Callisto Elenna - this doesn't flow well, you would need to put something between the two names, like Sol. Callisto Sol Elenna
    Hespera Tinuviel Aurora - very nice
    Isis Aurora - Aurora seems to work wonderfully with everything!
    Morgana Stella Hecate
    Pandora Cissea Idony
    Tinúviel Stella Eowyn

    p.s. totally agree with above poster about how to pick which names to use.
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    I'm going to print off your list of names and try to work out some combos at break/dinner etc. so I will be back!

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