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    Megan: Too Dated?

    My husband's #1 choice for our daughter is Megan. I don't hate that name by any means, but I'm concerned about the fact that it was so popular in the 1990s. I don't want to do to my daughter what my parents did to me: give her a name that was popular 20 years before she was born. I was born in the '70s and am a Deborah, and I hated it growing up and felt like it was such a fuddy-duddy name. But maybe Megan is more timeless than Deborah?

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    I like Megan. I think it is pretty timeless. Meg is a cute nn. I think you can't go wrong with Megan.

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    Megan is by no means a bad name, it's cute. But if I'm being honest I do feel it's a little dated. I would expect Megan to be a young mom, not a new baby.
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    As much as I absolutely love Megan, I must agree it is a dated name.

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    I really like Megan but it's not especially of-the-moment.

    Every decade has at least a couple names I like. Along with likable (to me) Amy and Caitlin, it's still usable, but I don't think of it as "now." I prefer it to some "now" names if that's any comfort. I'd take Megan over Mia, Madison, or McKayla anytime. Just like I prefer Amy to Ava. But Ava and Madison do sound a generation younger than Megan and Amy.

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