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    Opinions on this name - first or middle?

    My grandmother was a very important person in my life, her name was Roberta, but she was known by everyone as Birdie.
    I prefer not to use Birdie as a nickname for a more traditional name, I would like to use it either as a first or a middle name.

    Is Birdie too out there for a first name?
    Which do you prefer?

    Birdie Katherine
    Tessa Birdie

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    Love Birdie as a first name. Birdie Katherine has a nice ring to it. Nice choice

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    Birdie is better as a middle name. Personally, I wouldn't want to go through life with a name like Birdie. "Bird" is often used for a slang word for a "young woman" and in some Asian countries it's a term for a part of the male anatomy. Using the middle finger is called "flipping the bird". Bird and Birdie just has too much teasing potential as a full name. Tessa Birdie is the better option.
    All the best,

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    I am on the fence with it. I did have Birdie on my list a while ago. That celebrity also named her little girl Birdie as well and now has a daughter named Cricket. So I can see it as usable. I never knew about what Mischa had mentioned in her statement and not sure if a lot of people would know that. I guess it goes based on how comfortable you are with it. Plus I feel people are naming their children more unusual names that teasing potential may not be there. I like both combos. I think Birdie can work in the front or middle spot and the names you chose to go with it are very nice. Its a tough call because both have different vibes and different rings to it! Maybe bring both with you and see which works best?
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    I agree with everything mischa said.

    I think it is much better as a middle name. And of course, you could always call her Birdie as a nn because it is so unique and meaningful to you.
    Tessa Birdie is cute and the better option.

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