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    So, I am due in march with our first baby, and we are soooo excited!! In 12 days we find out if we are having a boy or girl and I can hardly wait! We aren't set on a boys name yet, but our list includes Callen, Declan, Oliver, and Liam.

    For a girls name, we have been sort of set on Cora for a long time, before even knowing about the pregnancy! I love that its vintage but coming back, has a solid history, cute but substantial. My husband is totally in love with it too. Our other backup options are Ivy or Scarlett. But after loving Cora for so log, and now that we will finally be finding out what were having, I'm nervous and want to make sure it is THE perfect name. I heard it on an older sort of annoying teenage girl and it diminished my love just a tad. So need time positive thoughts to reinforce my love for it!!! Thanks!!!

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    I LOVE the name Cora! It's a name that would be adorable on a little girl, but also grows really well into an adult name. I love its vintage charm and it has just a little bit of spunk while still being quite sweet and soft-the kind of name I love. It also strikes me as intelligent-sounding. A very beautiful, lovely name!
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    I love Cora, my first association with the name is from the novel Last of the Mohicans in which Cora is a strong willed, fiery, noble character. I've always admired her and her name.
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    Thank you both! I love that you described the name as 'intelligent' sarahdoodle! I really appreciate the positive feedback! It helps a ton, and is love some more!

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    Cora is among the most lovable vintage names fashionable today.

    To me, it's pleasing in every way.

    I think of American actress Elizabeth McGovern (link) who plays Cora on Downton Abbey: Strong, sexy, intelligent, beautiful.

    In my mind's eye, little-girl Coras have flawless peaches-and-cream skin and delicate features like this (link). Their temperaments are just as gentle and feminine.

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