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    Beautiful, I love it.

    I pronounce it cor-DEE-lee-ah. I don't like to hear it being pronounced cor-DEEL-yah, it's a sloppy pronunciation in my humble opinion!

    If I had a Cordelia, and she had a brother and sister, their names would be Dashiell and Jessamine.
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    What are your general thoughts on Cordelia? Cordelia is pretty. It sounds strong and girly at the same time. I would use Cora as a personal nickname.
    How do you pronounce Cordelia? Cor-Deel-Lee-Ah
    What would you name siblings of Cordelia? I would name Cordelia's sister Wilhelmina and her brother Lucian.
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    Cordelia is pretty and i want to like it, but my first association with it was the Cordelia from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which makes it kind of meh for me because it just reminds me of being a teenager. I think if i had the Anne of Green Gables reference first I'd like it better. As it stands note, i prefer just Delia

    Anyway, i pronounce it Cor-deel-ya because that's the way it was on the show.

    Good siblings for a Cordelia would be Imogen, Helena, Beatrice, Anne, Frederick, Gilbert
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    I love Cordelia; for all the reasons listed above. An Anne of Green Gables reference could never steer you wrong!
    I pronounce it cor-DEEL-yuh.
    As far as siblings go: Persephone, Winnifred, Margot, Josephine, Annemarie.
    Your 'previous names' also go very well with Cordelia; Madeline and Louisa do anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonfireazalea View Post
    Personally I think Cordelia, Portia and [B][name_m]Sebastian[/B][/name_m] would be a gorgeous sibset. Kit Pearson wrote a YA novel (An Earthly Knight) with a sibset named Sebastian, [B][name_f]Rosalind[/B][/name_f] (Roz), Cordelia (Corrie), Harry, Juliet and Orlando (Orly). I still think that's one of the best sibsets I've ever heard.

    Quote Originally Posted by jem View Post

    I love Cordelia with Sebastian, Rosalind, Felicity and Beatrice!

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    Thoughts in this thread? I'll return the favor.

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